What I Wore: Grocery Shopping

Josef Seibel Sandra 10 boots
Shirt and belt, J. Crew Factory; coat, consignment; jeans, American Eagle (via consignment); boots, Josef Seibel; bag, Marc Jacobs (via consignment)

This outfit has a definite eau de lumberjack about it, doesn’t it? Something about that plaid shirt, tucked in and belted. But, you know, je ne regrette rien.

Actually, not quite. I regret whatever the hell is going on with my hair here. Oof! Let’s blame it on the snow because … because … the snow. The snow in late April. Enough said. Hey, want to see a close-up of my Medusa head? Too bad, you’re getting it.

That hair is about to eat my whole head ...
That hair is about to eat my whole head …

I look entirely too pleased with myself considering my follicular situation. Some people have bitch resting face, I have bitch smiling face. Sigh.

What, you come here to read about outfits? Naaaaah …

How about a reader question? I swear I did not make it up.

Hi there! I was wondering what lipstick you wear in your blog photos?

It really depends on whatever is closest at hand, but it’s usually one of two things: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso (the bright red, matte one), or Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry (the more sheer, pinkish-red one – see above). I find the latter infinitely easier to apply, which helps me avoid ending up with clown mouth. But I get a ton of compliments when I wear the Stila (and it photographs really nicely too), so sometimes it’s worth the extra effort. I’ve taken to lining my lips first, before using it, because one skill I did master as a child was colouring inside the lines. I use a NYX lip pencil called … hang on, let me check … Hot Red.

6 Comments on A Little Bit Lumberjack

  1. 1. I do actually have resting bitch face. It’s bad.

    2. you’re a babe.


    4. buying chubby stick now.

    5….are list comments lame? :/

    • 1. I have that too. It seems that smiling doesn’t resolve it either.
      2. No, you are! (is that obnoxious? or is it only obnoxious when couples do it?)
      3. It snowed as late as last Sunday. FML
      4. They’re awesome. But pricey. I just started trying the Rimmel version, and I quite like them; they’re muuuuuch cheaper than Clinique. Unlike 99% of the blogosphere, I’m not a fan of the Revlon ones – I find them too chalky and minty. But if you have the budget for Clinique, go with the originals, for sure.
      5. Nope. Not at all 😉

  2. I’d kill for hair like that! Lots of volume = my dream. I am hoping post-baby.. like a year later, I will still have amazing hair.

    My resting face is also a bitch face.

    Also, EMMA STONE. You look more like her than Christina Hendricks.

    • Emma Stone is impossibly gorgeous. In my dreams.
      Lots of volume = perm. Worth trying if you find your needs a bit of extra help in that department. Personally, I found that there was a bit of hair loss post-baby, but nothing significant. It went back to normal fairly quickly.

  3. I concur – your hair looks great! It’s that sort of tousled undone look that takes multiple curling irons and hours to achieve.

    I currently use the Revlon chubby stick lipstuff and I quite like it, but maybe I’ll check out the Rimmel ones when my current ones run out. The Neutrogena ones are really nice too – but unfortunately you can’t get them here…