What I Wore: Monday

J. Crew Factory paisley shirt
Skirt, shirt, cardigan & belt, J. Crew Factory; flats, Ferragamo (via Etsy)

Don’t worry; the spell-check on my computer still works. My aptitude for punny titles … still leaves something to be desired. To explain: I had a case of the Monday blues, so I wore burgundy, because it’s something of a pick-me-up colour for me, and it’s more or less guaranteed to work with whatever outfit I manage to throw together. Recipe for success? Well, maybe on a Monday.

I am wearing head-to-toeknee J. Crew (Factory), but the nice thing about monopolizing a store to that extent is that it increases the chances for a hastily-thrown-together outfit to look somewhat cohesive. Most of my Crew pieces are interchangeable, and I mean that in the best possible way. OK, that belt is probably too bright and fuchsia-leaning for the rest of the outfit here, but this outfit needed a jolt of something bright to get it off its one-way track to snoozeville. The result is … passable. Yes? Maybe? Vote in the comments.

6 Comments on The Monday Blurgundies

  1. i never would have thought to pair burgundy and pink together, but i actually love it! that skirt is also a perfect length on you, and i love the way you rolled the sleeves of your blouse over the cardigan. this is a great little outfit, monday or not.

    xo nicole

    • Thank you! It’s another one of my “uniforms”, I love this top+skirt+cardigan combo. And burgundy goes with EVERYthing, or pretty much.

  2. Love the knot on the belt and the rolled up sleeves over the cardi. I think, however, that it’s a little wintery. However, it’s not like the weather here is giving you any help!