What I Wore: Playground Daze

Grey Chucks,
Jeans, American Eagle (via consignment); t-shirt & jacket, Old Navy; shoes, Converse

You know what this blog needs more of? Super dressed down, casual outfits. Said no BCRL reader ever. And yet, here we are. Let me see: can I blame this on my kids somehow? Sure. This is my going-to-the-playground outfit, so they are totally responsible for it. And for putting it on the blog. Yes.

So, for the hypothetical curious reader, this is basically what I wear when I have to leave the house, but getting dirty is a real possibility. Comfy shoes (that can stand getting a little beat up), stretchy pants (always a good idea), t-shirt, and a jacket with big pockets (for my keys and cell phone). The height of normcore – all this time, you guys never even knew how truly ahead of the fashion curve I am.

Obligatory foot selfie. (Felfie? Foolfie? Yes, foolfie it is.)

grey ChucksMy kid plays to the beat of his own (makeshift) drum …


And here is a slightly dressed up version of the same outfit. Swap out the field jacket for a blazer, add a nicer (possibly even ironed) t-shirt and – voila! I am now ready for the ball. And by “ball”, I mean running errands. Of course.

grey Chucks
Jeans, American Eagle; t-shirt, Joe Fresh; blazer, J. Crew (via consignment); shoes, Converse; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

6 Comments on Casual Corner

  1. this BCRL is a big fan of your laid back outfits. i do not do casual very well–especially t-shirts, so i’m into it. plus, i think all style blogs could use a dose of casual–what *real* casual looks like, not *elevated* casual, if you know what i mean.

    so glad you’re getting lots of use out of the grey cons!

    xo nicole

    • Thank you! Wait, is “elevated casual” a reference to a … certain blonde blogger? Because, LOL! I *just* came across that term on GOMI. You learn something new every day 😉

      I love my Cons – I wear them almost every afternoon to the playground.

  2. This is actually a really helpful post – it shows how to upgrade a casual outfit to make it more put together, but still casual. I don’t have kids, but this will help me upgrade my casual outfits!

    • Thanks! Casual seems to be all I do/wear/live these days, so I might make the most of it, yes? I think I may need some help in the other direction, come September 😉

  3. My casual looks are a t-shirt, jeans and ballet flats. So.. close to what you’re doing!

    Then I add a jersey blazer because it feels like a sweater but isn’t one, or my Vince circle sweater and I’m out the door.