What I Wore: Family Visit

grey jeans, diamond print t-shirt, Rebecca Minkoff Cerulean MAC
Jeans, Kenneth Cole Reaction; t-shirt, Vero Moda; shoes, G by Guess; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via Kijiji)

I pondered the white jeans dilemma for weeks, and came nowhere near an answer. The dilemma is this: I want to wear white jeans this summer; I really really should not attempt to wear white jeans, this summer or ever. I have 2 kids under 3, which means that (a) my clothes are never 100% clean, and act as beacons to all manner of stains and questionable substances, and (b) my hips have been through a lot recently, and deserve a kinder fate than being encased in white denim.

And yet.

I really want to wear white jeans this summer.

So a light grey pair will have to do. Compromises.

It was warm – positively summer-like – for about 5 minutes a few weeks ago, so I had to bust out this outfit. While the jeans were a somewhat thought-out purchase, the top … is another story. I mean, it had to have been a moment of hysterical blindness or something because – hello, early-2000s eye-searing pattern. Did I mention it’s sheer-ish? On the bright side (and bright it is), it’s the perfect weight for a hot day and has a cool hi-low thing happening. See:

Guess silver d'orsay flats
All of the trends

Also, it was $13 at Winners, so hey – it could be worse, you know.

Action shot!

Rebecca Minkoff Cerulean MAC
Do not stare directly at my shirt, and if you do, please sign this waiver first

8 Comments on Diamonds Are Forever

  1. You’re 100% pulling off the jeans. Light grey looks great! And I love the shirt . . . Which Winners did you get it at?

  2. You know I am a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff. So that bag is obviously lovely in my eyes… Her use of colors is so inspiring. And that top is so fun!

    • Thanks! I love her colours and her aesthetic, I just wish the leather was a bit sturdier. I’ve heard her older bags were made out of better leather, and if that’s true, then I’m a bit disappointed in the brand given the prices for which its bags retail.

  3. I love the gray pants. One of my favorite pairs of pants ever were gray, and then they got a hole in the thigh. Tis the fate of ALL of my favorite pants. #thanksthickthighs

    • Years ago, my fave pants was a pair of (darker) grey iT jeans. I think they turned up on the blog at some (very early) point. They never fit again after I had my son. I think it’s why I avoided grey jeans for so long – bittersweet memories. ‘Tis a sad tale.

  4. Love that look!
    (P.S. I did stare directly at your shirt – Excuse me – Now I have to go and blow up the Great Wall of China!)