Thank you to everyone who commented on my blogiversary post; y’all made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Not gonna lie – I could get used to it. Ahem. On to more important business … like the winner of the anniversary giveaway. I promised to spare you another video’s worth of my um’s and uh’s, so I’m going slightly more low-tech this time.

We have the hat. (The hat is a given.)

blue collar red lipstick
Oh, hai!

We have Adina’s odd facial expressions. (Those are a given too.)

blue collar red lipstick
Herp derp!

And we have a winner!

Drum rollllllllll

Congrats, Robyn J!!

Happy Victoria Day/Memorial Day/Monday, everyone!

3 Comments on Thank You

  1. I love hats!
    I would buy 7 million of them if I had anywhere to wear them.
    The thing is that I do such a good job looking crazy without a hat that, if I did wear it, one of the two things would happen: a) a hat would enhance the crazy, or b) a hat would enhance the crazy.
    And sadly “I’m running out of room to grow” in that aspect šŸ™

    • Well, if it gives you any consolation, I never wear my one hat either. It’s strictly a blog-giveaway-prize-draw hat these days. I feel ridiculous when I try to wear hats. And I get an irresistible urge to do the Queen wave …