What I Wore: Mother’s Day/Family Gathering, pt. 2

Rachel Roy floral chambray dress
Dress, RACHEL Rachel Roy (via consignment); cardigan, J. Crew (via eBay); shoes, Zara; clutch, Rebecca Minkoff

This is the outfit version of “A Few of My Favourite Things”. Instead of kittens and whatever, we have my holy grail dress, my new sparkly Tinkerbell flats, and a cheapo Old Navy ring I bought last week because I have no self-control. But, look, it’s really cute:

Weird upside down angle, because.
Old Navy ring

And it is already turning black as we speak, which makes me sad. I think I want a more, um, durable version of this ring, but my Google-fu isn’t working. Help a blogger out? Find me a less tarnish-prone ring like this, and you will get … my eternal gratitude. Sorry, I’m terrible at incentivizing – which probably explains why I can never seem to get my kid to eat his vegetables.

Another thing I can’t seem to do? The ironing, apparently. Obviously, it’s not so much that I physically can’t. It’s just that … well, when you’re trying to wrangle two kids into their “Sunday best” and out of the door within a 2 hour span, certain things fall by the wayside. Ironing is a distant fifth on the list of things I won’t get a chance to do before we leave the house. Sorry, folks!

But, hey, how about another look at my wrinkly dress! Double down or nothing.

Rachel Roy floral chambray dress
The sun, it burrrrnsssss!!

10 Comments on Tinkerbell

  1. I love your blog! I used to live in Edmonton, not far from The Storyland Valley Zoo πŸ™‚
    Anyway a steamer changed my life. Seriously. I got the Personal Series / Model J-2000,
    but I saw a pretty nice one for less at Costco. The wrinkles vanish before your eyes! I got mine in Toronto, but I know Eddies Hang Up out of Vancouver ships if you cant find one locally. My thought process was – I’m only buying one in a lifetime, I might as well get the best one I can afford.
    Good luck, and again, I’m so happy I found you!

    • I bought a steamer at Costco a few years ago, and it was a total dud. But I would love to get a really great one … something I will have to look into once I’m back to work and off my mat leave budget.
      Thanks for the recc’s!

  2. Wheee! Visted you after seeing the ‘Sisterhood Dress’ on Looks Good From the Back- and am so happy I did. I have the hardest time finding fashion blogs b/c I am looking for the trifecta of
    1)look nice on a budget
    2)not too crazy trendy (I like the classics)
    3)ARE FUNNY!!!!
    Just spent an hour of my life perusing and it was totally worth it!

    • Looks Good From the Back is my jam!! I love those ladies – they have amazing style. And they sound like they’d be a blast to have a drink (or three) with, know what I mean?
      Thanks for checking out the blog! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚

  3. LOVE those shoes! See – they already go perfectly with everything you own. But seriously though – nice springy outfit. I’m loving the yellow – and wearing my own yellow/mustard cardi as I type.

  4. Dude, I don’t do the ironing and I don’t have munchkins to take the blame for it! I wisely invest in Brooks Brother’s no-iron shirts and silently and not-so-silently curse everything else I own that wrinkles.
    I love the sparkly flats!