What I Wore: Running After Kids

J. Crew green plaid flannel shirt
Jeans, RACHEL Rachel Roy; shirt, J. Crew; jacket, Old Navy; shoes, J. Crew Factory; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

Ready for another dose of glamour reality? Feast your eyes on this fashion statement. In fairness to my flannel, it is perfectly suited for the tasks most frequently at hand: running after kids, deciphering toddler melodramas (which requires a primal-screams-to-English dictionary), and disposing of toxic substances. Some days – more than I’d like to admit here – I don’t reach even this level of put-togetherness; it’s sweats and a T-shirt that saw its glory days about 47 wash cycles ago.

But on this day, we were visiting the grandparents, so I not only upgraded to jeans and a button down, but I even wore a pair of “nice” flats. Visiting the grandparents is serious business. There is candy involved. And the kids usually get some treats too.

5 Comments on Flannel Days

  1. That ink blue bag is perfection. I need one.

    “Need” being the operative word here.

    Also, I wish I could fit back into my pants *looks wistfully at them*.. it would make life so much easier right now.. as I am living in my maternity legging (singular.. as in one pair since I became pregnant)

    • Are you talking about the MbMJ here? It’s actually black, not dark blue – not sure why it looks that way. But it’s an awesome bag, for sure. One of my faves (and you know I have a lot to choose from). The leather is perfection. I got it for a song on eBay (like, $100 or something) and it does pop up occasionally, if you’re interested …

      No shame in leggings – I lived in them for months, too.