What I Wore: Car Shopping

Old Navy field jacket; josef seibel sandra 10
Leggings and jacket, Old Navy; cardigan, Kersh; boots, Josef Seibel; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided that time had run out on Old Faithful – the car we bought from my dad right before we got married. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already! Anyway, we’re creatures of habit, so off we went to the same dealership that originally sold Old Faithful to my dad, along with 3 of its subsequent siblings. (Yeah, my dad is a creature of habit too.) Previously, I’d been car shopping exactly zero times, so I didn’t exactly know how to dress to best express my message. That message: don’t upsell me, I’m not gullible. I still don’t, but this is what I wore. You can’t go wrong with killer boots, am I right?

And yes, I wore leggings as pants. If that doesn’t say “I mean business”, I don’t know what does.

Also, my kid is still cute. Check it:

Professional stunt baby, do not attempt this at home. Or, you know, use parental discretion or whatever.
Professional stunt baby, do not attempt this at home. Or, you know, use parental discretion or whatever.

That’s all she wrote.

6 Comments on Serious Business

  1. I’ve only been car shopping once and like a baby I took my mother with me. I kind of wish I had thought to wear some BA outfit… my mother is pretty, “I don’t have time for games,” though, so I think it worked out.

    Hope you find a new car that you like.

    Oh and when the top is as long as yours is, I don’t think leggings as pants are a bad thing at all. That’s actually the rule at my work (haha), if your bum is covered with a shirt, you can wear whatever bottoms you want… minus shorts, but that’s because of something else.

    • Yeah, I’m totally NOT a car person, so 90% of car salespeople’s schtick is wasted on me. We did our research ahead of time, and went with the same brand as our old car because we like its reliability. We are very no-frills when it comes to cars; the only “bells and whistles” I care about are heated seats (because we live in winterland). Really, there wasn’t much to negotiate except the value of our trade-in.

      I agree with your rule re leggings … but I still feel like I’m cheating a little bit.

  2. Look at those little cheeks!!!!

    Car dealerships always think women don’t know squat about cars and can’t negotiate. It’s an inherent bias.. so I always bring a guy and tell him what my price is so that he negotiates for me and the guy gives me the deal.. then I step in and pay.

    • Oh my lord, I just noticed there is a sweet-potato-and-turkey-soup stain on her shirt. Mother of the year material, right here.

      I hate haggling, but I’m happy with the deal we got. I’m even happier now that I can unbend my legs from the fetal position while sitting in the passenger seat 😉

  3. When we went car shopping, my husband was a great negotiator and got a good deal. It was funny, however, that the car salesman tried to play us off each other – but totally failed.

    I did not wear leggings (I think I tried to wear something nice but not expensive) but they look cute on you! I think they’re appropriate with the long sweater.

    • I liked our salesman, but yeah – he tried a little bit of that, but was smart to realize quickly that it wasn’t going to work. We got down to brass tacks, as they say, pretty fast.