What I Wore: Shopping en famille

Anthropologie floral pants
Pants, Anthropologie; sweater, J. Crew Factory; jacket, LOFT (via consignment); shoes, Tory Burch (via consignment); bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

Look, I know. These pants? Not the most flattering option in my closet. I know that, and I’m forcibly reminded of it every time I look at a picture of myself wearing them. And yet … I can’t stop. In my head, I’m 26 with pre-baby hips, and I look effortless and cool in a not-annoyingly-hipster way, and … yeah, magical thinking doesn’t work and here we are. But I know what the answer is!

Stop taking pictures when wearing these pants.

Hah! Were you expecting a different answer?

Anywhoodle, this is a pretty basic outfit, and I realize now that it probably could use a necklace or something, but I wore this to go to the mall with the fam, and a necklace would be too wearing-it-for-the-sake-of-blog-photos. Know what I mean? The only reason you’re seeing this outfit, really, is because I was having a Good Hair Day. A Good Hair Day makes almost everything better, especially when you’re no longer 26 with pre-baby hips. It even makes the skies part and the sun shine. Just kidding. Good Hair is magical but not, like, weather-changing magical. I wish.

Still, never ever underestimate the power of Good Hair.

Anthropologie floral jeans Pilcro
NOT a Good Hair Day. Also, snow. Snow on May 4.

Good Hair can save a so-so outfit; its absence positively dooms many a cute outfit – the above is but one example. (Also, note to self: blush and concealer. Never forget the blush and concealer. Because, yikes!)

6 Comments on Floral Pants, Redux

  1. These pants make me think…hard.
    The green is like a young guy who has decided to join the military and embrace combat; while the flowery part is kind of the same guy just in a post-dobbie moments of surreality.
    Anyhow, curious about “his” decision, I always look forward to seeing your pants 🙂