BCRL is officially … a pre-schooler! Man, the toddler years are rough – and not just for kids. I was poking through the archives a bit in prepping this post and … ooof! There are a lot more WTF moments in there than I seem (or care) to remember. It’s a veritable gold mine, and no, that’s not an invitation for you to take a look. Consider it a warning, should this post inspire any nostalgic browsing.

blue collar red lipstick
May 2010 – Oh, those early headless pics! The memories!

That has to be the most underwhelming opening paragraph to an anniversary post ever (whomp, whomp), but it’s actually kind of appropriate. I’ve been “failing” as a style blogger for 4 years now, but I keep on trucking, and if that isn’t a lesson in pursuing your passions against all common sense … well, what else can it be. And by “failing”, I mean that I have not attained fame, much less riches, and not even a hint of free swag. Can I still call myself a style blogger if I’ve never been offered a single c/o item? Does a tree falling on Mars make a sound? I have no idea. But 2 kids, 20 pounds, and 347 closet overhauls later, I’m still here.

blue collar red lipstick
May 2011 – Bebe numero uno

And you are still reading. Which is awesome. Some of you have been reading since the beginning, which is truly the best accolade I could get. Some of you write blogs I love very, very much, which makes me feel almost cool (by association). Some of you comment regularly, which makes me happy as a pig in … erm … free swag. Some of you binge-read my blog every now and then, spiking up my negligible traffic so that, for one glorious day, I feel like I’ve made the A-list; as one inveterate lurker to another, I salute you.

blue collar red lipstick
May 2012 – The Luk-meister … and my terrible, first-time-mom pixie cut

I could wax poetic on my “style journey” over the last 4 years, but the blog kinda speaks for itself, yes? I started this blog around the time I first felt like I was getting a grip on fashion, and I was (naturally, perhaps) in a bit of a proselytizing mood. There are worse sins than being awfully earnest about essentially trivial things, but the simple truth is: fashion is neither scary, nor complicated, nor exclusivist. No matter what some blog, or magazine, or Very Important Fashion Person tells you. If you’re putting on clothes every morning, you’re engaging in fashion. You’re fashioning. And you don’t need a manifesto, or a rule book, or a pot of gold, to do it. You should have fun, if possible. Or at least be comfortable. And, ideally, not piss off your HR manager.

blue collar red lipstick
May 2013 – Bebe numero dos

I know less now about fashion than I did 4 years ago, which is to say that I’ve stopped trying to be fashionable. Which is not to say that I don’t still love clothes way, waaaay more than a grown adult should. But I love them on my terms. And you should too. Or not. I mean, I’m not trying to tell you what to do or anything. Except to keep reading my blog. Yes, definitely do that.

blue collar red lipstickBecause there can be no official birthday without presents, I have a little prize pack to give away to one BCRL reader. It’s made up of some of my favourite things from some of my favourite brands: sparkly bracelet (J. Crew Factory), floral print scarf (H&M), badass eyeliner (Benefit), and pretty nail polish (A England).

blue collar red lipstick
The swag

For a chance to win the prize pack, please leave a comment on this post on a topic of your choice. (Telling me how awesome I am is one example of a topic. Also acceptable: what you enjoy about BCRL, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less of, what you’d like to never see again, what you wish you’d never seen. I will also accept, but only grudgingly, if you merely write “gimme”.) The giveaway will close on Sunday, and the winner will be announced on May 19.

Thank you and good luck!

28 Comments on Four Years

  1. Congrats on this, it’s quite a mark!
    I’ve been following for a few years I think, not commenting much. I probably first was enamored with your hair color, the shade I aspired to for years, and later I really liked your outfit combos and interesting ever-evolving style, maternity style and your nail polish photos. You had some great Chanels as I remember and I wonder why don’t you show those anymore? Otherwise a wholesome, inspiring blog that I am always glad to find new post from in my inbox. Keep it going 🙂 not sure if this giveaway is international or not, I’m in Europe, but still felt the need to comment.

    • Thank you!! I still have those Chanels, but I’ve pretty much stopped buying nail polish, hence the lack of posts lately. I used to check your blog all the time when I was a polishaholic (I think I found it through the tPF nail forum), but I’ve been slacking on my polish-related reading lately 🙁
      The giveaway is definitely international! It will be another Adina-style hat draw … though I will probably spare y’all another video.

  2. Just wanted to say many congratulations on reaching the 4 year mark. I really enjoy your blog and really hope some lovely companies send you some c/o stuff soon to keep motivated to keep it up! I am in the UK so not sure you can send the stuff to me if I win!

    • Thank you, and thanks for reading! Free swag would be nice, but at this point in the game, I’d much rather have awesome readers. Not kidding even a little bit!
      I know there are restrictions on sending nail polish to the UK, though I think everything else is OK. If you win, I can substitute something else for the nail polish 🙂

  3. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY. how lame is that word? super lame, but it’s the only one I have to use in this situation 🙂 I’m sad that I wasn’t around from the beginning, and maybe this summer I will actually have the time to read back a few years so I can see how this all came to be 🙂 I’m so glad that GOMI, as “mean” as a place that is, has brought your joy and snarkiness into my life. Here’s to many many more!

    • Weeeelll … there is really no need to do that, because there is some cringe-inducing stuff in those early days; I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of nearly every blogger sin in the handbook 😉
      You know I’m a big fan of yours, so the fact that you’re following BCRL is kind of a Big Deal. Three cheers for GOMI!

  4. Er.. I don’t want to win the prize pack (let someone else more deserving get it), but..

    1. CHEERS to feeling like a pig in swag!!
    2. I love that first outfit you have one. I need to replicate that.. ASAP… sans the book mask.
    3. I will avoid cutting my hair short, a la the haircut every new mom seems to have…

    • God, I wish I still fit into that skirt, it was beautiful.
      I liked the pixie cut once it grew in a bit. The problem with short hair is that there isn’t much you can do with it … which, actually, is also the upside of short hair. It was wash ‘n go hair at its best.

  5. What do you get someone for the 4th year anniversary of their blog? A lurker delurked. Please continue to be your very funny self – photoshop skills & reading shelf tours & all.

  6. Wow! 4 years already! Did it all start with “A Girl and Her Closet”? I do miss those installments. I do love your blog and although I don’t always comment, I read all the posts. Great retrospective look at the past 4 years.

  7. Hi and congratulations! That is super exciting. I seriously can’t believe you don’t get any free swag; your blog is so much better than those heavily sponsored style blogs, and I think your style is a lot more creative and accessible. I am a new fan (followed your link from GOMI, I love your posts BTW!) and probably one of those readers who gave you a spike because I totally binge-read one rainy weekend – although I only made it back about a year. You seem like such a sweet, smart, genuine person and your blog definitely reflects that, which is why I added it to my bookmarks bar and check in every day now. 🙂 So congratulations! And here’s to many more! (You can’t see it, but I am toasting you with Franzia…)

    • Franzia all around!!
      Thank you so much, you are being very kind. I’m totally blushing a little bit, and I better stop here before I turn into an awkward mess 😉

  8. Congratulations! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years. I’ve enjoyed all of your clothing adventures. I love the first outfit – and the florals in the other outfits – you stay true to your style, no matter what! I enjoy reading and I enjoy commenting, and I think you’ve helped make me a better dresser. And my husband thanks you for the yearly clothing swaps! (So do I!)

  9. Congratulations!! I read evey post as well but do not always comment. I like all the posts but have been missing the nail polish posts 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh! your pixie cut! I totally wish I had your beautiful hair.

    It’s so strange how there are some awesome blogs (like yours!) that have great content and outfits but companies don’t send swag, and then there are blogs that are terrible and yet get a bunch of free stuff. WHYYYYY. I don’t get it. Maybe you just don’t pimp yourself out enough and tweet desperately to companies begging for free clothes, and you don’t go commenting on random blogs with “nice outfit! please come visit my blog and follow me! xoxo” and join in group giveaways to artificiality inflate your follower numbers.

    Ok, so obviously I love your outfits and stuff, but some feedback (because you asked for it! I hope you don’t start calling me a troll and jealous hater)- I think your bookshelf series is a good idea, but it’s just so random and as someone who has never heard of 98% of the books that you are showcasing, I’ve just been skipping over those posts because I have no interest in a random book list. Have you read janssen’s blog at everyday-reading.com? she reads a lot too and will often list a bunch of books that she’s read and recommends, but I like that she puts the books she recommends in buckets, so it’s like, “10 romantic books” for valentine’s day or “10 books to give to your mother” for mother’s day, so you kind of know what type of books they are. But that’s just my opinion and preferences, so you should blog however you want to.

    Oh, and gimmie.

    Congrats on 4 years!!!


      Just kidding! I always welcome feedback (everything I know about how to blog came from reading how NOT to blog on GOMI, so yeah). And I totally see your point, which is why I put up those posts on Sunday when I assume everyone has better things to do, LOL! But I kinda like the current format because it’s super easy, and I’m super lazy. So, I dunno. I might take up your idea at some point, but maybe not. I won’t get mad if you skip those posts 😉

      Oh, and I HATE pimping out the blog. I stopped doing it on Facebook and Twitter, and I never bothered doing it anywhere else. It feels so … icky. To me, personally – so this is not a judgement call on how others do it. And I rarely used to comment even on the blogs I love reading, because I’m shy and weird like that. I always figured, if those blogs are already getting more than 10 comments, they don’t really need to hear from me. Which is silly, because I love getting comments, and I’m sure that everyone does.

      I always figured that if I put up decent content, people would just magically find the blog, and fall in love with it. You know, like a rom-com except platonic. And virtual. I didn’t have unreasonable expectations, no siree!

  11. Congrats on 4 years! I haven’t followed from the start, but you have been a favorite in my blog reader for at least a couple of years. I’m local so I think I tracked you down through another local fashion blogger’s blog? Can’t quite remember, but I love your blog and was bummed when you took a break for a while. As your blogiversary present, I will tell you a super duper awkward story – I’m pretty sure I saw you with your cute little family at the southwest Wal-mart of all horrible places a while back. Debated whether to say something, but decided it would be way too creepy of me. Keep up the blogging! I think your blog is extra special because you haven’t sold out to the $ponsors.

    • OMG, that is too funny! Next time, you definitely have to come and say hi. I love meeting blog readers IRL (OK, it’s only ever happened twice, but it was great. I think I scared one of them away, because I was all, like, “New BFF! Let’s have coffee, and braid each other’s hair!!1!” I promise to try to not be creepy if we ever bump into each other again ;))

  12. I am glad you are celebrating your blog’s birthday! As a regular reader of your posts, I have discovered the pure glee in the find of a fashion deal. I think my Mom tried to instill this in me growing up, but your blog has made my Mom’s lessons come to life… in my closet! I thought of you this past week when a Tibi striped denim dress showed up at my local Winners and happily found its way to me… at 82% off! What fun it is to now compete with my Mom for the latest and greatest fashion deal! Also, I think you have more blog reader chance meetings than you think… I saw you at Tory Burch in Chinook Mall about a year ago. I have a strange reaction whenever I see celebrities (you are a celebrity in my books!), and I completely blew it and didn’t say hi! I have never commented on your blog before, but I had to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you for all of your BCRL achievements! (And May 19 is actually my ACTUAL birthday. Ha!) Congrats!!

    • Your Mom had it right, fashion deals are the best! The Tibi dress sounds like a fab deal. Which Winners? I ask for, um, research purposes only 😉

      That is so funny! My husband and I go to Calgary once a year for an adults-only weekend getaway. What are the odds we’d bump into each other that one time? Crazy! Well, maybe it will happen again … we’re due for our annual visit in July (as long as the kid logistics work out).

      And honestly, I am not scary at all … I just have a case of the resting bitch face 😉

  13. I’m another one of your lurking non-commenting followers. I read all your posts and really enjoy them (the book ones too…I don’t know why people don’t like the book ones!). I am currently making the transition to mommyhood myself, so it has been great for me that you’ve been posting during maternity and staying home with kids. It is giving me hope that I don’t have to resign myself to a future of nothing but nursing tanks and yoga pants!

    My favourite posts in the past were the ones where you would style someone out of their existing wardrobe. It is actually how I found your blog in the first place, since a friend of mine was one of your fashion-advice recipients. I learned about the power of the right belt from those blogs!

    • Thank you so much! And congrats!! There might be a few nursing tanks in your future (and they can be pretty awesome, honestly), but there will be so much more too 🙂

      I loved doing the “one girl, one closet” posts, and I met some amazing people that way. Perhaps once the kids are a little bit older, and my schedule becomes more flexible again, I’ll be able to take those up again. Of course, I’ll be needing volunteers again …

  14. OMG the post-baby uno pixie cut. I basically WRECKED my hair over the year and a half since I had my daughter. And now I have a pixie cut or should I say I have some sort of half-Bieber, half-mullet totally depressing hair cape. Please, baby Jesus, never let me do this again.

    PS: Stop being so beautiful. You look amazing in every picture. And 20 pounds? UGH. I weigh like 25 pounds more than I did when I met my husband, and it DON’T LOOK SO CUTE ON ME. #stoooop

    • You are adorable!! And I seriously love your blog!

      I totally rocked the Bieber ‘do for a while, and it was the worst. Every time I finaaaaally grow out my hair, I make myself promise not to cut it again … usually right before I decide to cut it again. I’m really trying to stick to it this time because, yeah … once a Bieber is once too many.