Let me start by doing what every parent does, more often than they’d like to admit, and that is blame something (I’d have a hard time justifying) on my kid. See, I just had to go to the mall. I did. My kid made me, because he is my kid and he considers going to the mall a social activity. He visits the mannequins. (I am serious.) And when we go to the mall, we have to go to Zara, because that’s where his favourite mannequins reside. And it all started at Zara.

I swear I was not looking. Well, I technically had my eyes open so I could steer one over-excited toddler and a stroller along, but I wasn’t looking looking, if you catch my drift. But, somehow, these caught my eye.

Zara sparkle ballet flats
Zara ballet flats

In my defence, they were very, very twinkly. I also blame the lighting at Zara, for making things extra twinkly.

I was in love in about a nano-second. Now, I already had a pair of rhinestone flats in my closet, but these … were special. For real. I’m not generally a big Zara fan, but honestly, these didn’t look like Zara flats to me. They looked Chanel-esque, if Chanel took to designing for Tinkerbell. They looked expensive. Scratch that. They were expensive. $80 for rhinestone encrusted mesh? No.

No, right? Right?!

The rational part of my brain eventually kicked in, and I steered the troops out of Zara, Tinkerbell shoes-free. (It helped that the biggest size they had was a touch too small. Comfort above all.) I did the sensible thing, and went to SoftMoc to look for the pair of Chucks that was actually on my to-buy list. And was rewarded by finding them on sale. Of course, this story doesn’t end here, because my name is Adina and I like to make things difficult for myself. Initially, the plan was to look for a grey pair. Eminently sensible and practical, yes? But then I saw the red pair. And it looked awfully cute. I like red shoes. My husband thinks red Chucks are awesome. My youngest has a hand-me-down pair of red Chucks from her older brother, and we could do a mother-daughter thing. Cute. So … What to do?

Converse Chucks red or grey
The red … or the grey???

Like any normal person would, I turned to social media. The consensus among my Facebook peeps was “grey”. Naturally, I bought the red. Went home, and promptly reconsidered. And then I made my poor husband drive back to the mall the next day so I could exchange them for the grey. What can I say – he has the fortitude, not to mention the patience, of a saint. But I love my grey Chucks, and they are ever so practical.

The end.

P.S. You didn’t really think that was the end, did you? Of course not. So, one late night not long thereafter, I somehow zombie-clicked my way on to the Zara website, and before I knew it, bam. A pair of Tinkerbell shoes were on their way to me. Sigh.

The end. Fer realz.

14 Comments on The One Where I Go Shoe Shopping

  1. Those flats are adorable. I want a pair too. I’m glad you finally made the decision to get them. Also, I love the idea of Chucks, but have never taken the plunge. Hopefully, there’ll be some future posts with outfit ideas that include your new acquisition . . .

    • I love the Chucks! I wear them all. the. time. Every day to the playground, but also out and about. They will turn up, for sure, in a few posts …

  2. I am laughing so hard right now I’m crying.

    You had me at him visiting the mannequins.

    I somehow knew that those Tinkerbell flats would make it into your hands.

    I would have gone for the red ones.. no, scratch that.. I would have bought BOTH of them.

    • I reeeeally wanted both. But, alas, maternity leave budget. The nice thing about Chucks is that they will be around 6 months from now. I’m thinking I might actually like an olive green/khaki pair like the one my husband has. But I also want the red. Decisions, decisions.

      • I also would have purchased both colours. But I think grey is a sensible choice for now. And the Zara flats are amazing! That’s the serendipity aspect of shopping that I love. The sparkly flats will probably end up being a staple in your wardrobe.

        • I’d like to think so, but I don’t know … how often can one really wear sparkly flats? I mean, I wish my life required it 24/7 but … sigh. It’s more of a Chucks kind of deal.

          My big problem right now is that serendipity (I like that, and I’m totally co-opting it) finds me a little too often.

  3. If the chucks were on sale, you should’ve bought both pairs, because DUH. I like the grey but if my kid had a red pair and I could match them? then I’d get red. SUCH A DIFFICULT DECISION.

    Btw, you’ve mentioned instagram on here before, what’s your username on there? and do you twitter? because I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE.

    • You guyyyyyyssss! You are NOT making this easier for me. I have so little self-restraint already πŸ˜‰

      The Chucks were still, like, $50 so it wasn’t a great sale by any means.

      My Instagram name is bcrladinaj and Twitter is Adina_J (I think? I rarely tweet these days). I had high hopes for my Instagram when I started, but all artistic pretensions went out of the window a long time ago.

  4. Oh my gosh my shopping antics are exactly like yours! Down to the asking my husband to drive back to the store for an exchange!

    Just goes to show… sometimes the best way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.

    • Yup, I seem to follow that philosophy more often than not πŸ˜‰

      It’s funny, because I actually rarely return things I buy. But when given too many choices, I am suddenly unable to make rational choices. Or at least choices I can stick with.

  5. this is the best post. i’m so glad you bought the tinkerbell shoes. i hope you go back and get the red cons later–they’re so much fun! grey is definitely more versatile though.

    also, in addition to your blog, you should probably write a children’s book about a boy who is friends with all the mannequins at the mall. i would read the shit out of that book.

    xo nicole

    • Thank you! My son is endearingly idiosyncratic (and completely unselfconscious about it) right now, as I’m sure all toddlers are. I’m constantly trying to find the middle ground between sharing all of his quirky doings, and protecting his privacy. It’s a harder balance to strike than it would seem.

      I am definitely going to get another pair of Chucks, if not this year then next. Red or khaki … jury’s still out πŸ˜‰