What I Wore: Costco, Baby

Josef Seibel Sandra 10 boots; Marc Jacobs floral tunic
Tunic, MbMJ (via consignment); shirt & jacket, Old Navy; boots, Josef Seibel; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

[This is an oooold post, but I shuffled some things around, and this one apparently got temporarily misplaced. I think it’s from late March. Enjoy the time travel! And the snow, in case you were feeling nostalgic already.]

Are you sick of seeing these boots yet? My husband apparently is. “Again with the boots?” says he, as I pose just so because, seriously, y’all need to get another shot of this awesomeness. “When are you buying me a tripod and self-timer again?” say I. But enough about us.

The outfit. Yes, I am still wearing my boots pretty much every day, and probably will between now and May. #sorrynotsorry (Sorry about the hashtag. I mean it.) Ditto, probably, with the field jacket. I still haven’t found a replacement for my ancient-and-showing-it trench, so I don’t have a lot of options as the temperatures soar into the single (positive!) digits. I threw my MbMJ tunic into the mix because … well, mostly because it’s been sitting in my closet neglected since my daughter’s birth, and I’m trying to decide whether to say good-bye to it or not. I love it (or at least like it a lot), but I’m not sure I’m in love with it anymore. I sound like a douchebag boyfriend in a rom-com, but it’s kinda true. Also, the dress is a bit too large now, and shapeless. Which, on one hand, is excellent for family dinner night at my parents’ house. But, on the other hand, makes me look like I’m hiding a food baby all the time. So … yeah, I’m undecided. (What’s new?)

(Hey, what’s with all the parentheses in this post? Good question, my friends.)

3 Comments on Tunicky

  1. HAH! 🙂 You have to basically wear those boots every single day until you’re bored of them.. it’s called cost per wear, tell him that 🙂

    I like loose dresses these days.. I just feel so comfortable.

    I’ve wanted a self-timer or one of those clicky remote things that you can press to take shots wirelessly while your camera is set up on a tripod (rather than running back and forth to keep pressing the button)