Grey Chucks Converse; J. Crew Factory gingham shirt
Jeans, RACHEL Rachel Roy; shirt, J. Crew Factory; vest, Old Navy; shoes, Converse; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

Boring. I know this is boring, and I apologize. There is nothing wrong with boring (it describes 87% of my daily existence, and I happen to be quite fond of my daily existence, on the whole), but riveting blog fodder it does not make. But this is the nature of the beast 30 x 30 challenge. You get the good, the bad, the terribly misguided, and the boring.

I was sorely tempted to make this a wordless post, but I’m not a quitter when the alternative is verbosity. Still, rather than continue to bore you in written form, after exhausting the visual, I figured it might be a good time to open the floor, so to speak, to readers’ questions – style-related or otherwise. Seriously, don’t be shy! Bring them on!

4 Comments on 30 x 30: Eleven

  1. Glad you didn’t make your post wordless! A style question? I love wearing maxi skirts, and I’d like to find a way to wear them to work, but somehow, they always feel too casual. Do you have any suggestions for dressing a maxi skirt up? Or should they be confined to summer festivals and farmer’s markets?

    • Yes, I think you can pull them off in an office setting, provided we’re talking about a semi-casual office (vs. uber conservative). I’ll email you my ideas, to keep from writing an essay here 😉

  2. Apologies if you have covered this question elsewhere,(am a new reader) but I wondered about your hair! It is so pretty and I wondered about your routine–what is your texture? How do you style it on a daily basis?

    • Welcome! And thank you!

      My hair is normally straight, but I’ve got a loose perm at the moment. (You can read about it here: It makes my life easier, because I am terrible at styling my hair. I wash my hair twice a week (my hair doesn’t get very greasy, and washing it more often makes it more frizzy and dry), and then rub a bit of argan oil into the ends. I air dry it. I just discovered sea salt spray (I know, I’m decades behind), and so now I spray that while my hair is still damp. It helps to shape my waves nicely. I usually re-spray a bit of that stuff every morning (even if my hair is dry) to revive the waves. I’ll occasionally use a bit of hairspray if I want extra volume. That’s about it. If my hair looks disastrous, I put it up in a bun (aka bird’s nest). That happens regularly 😉

      Honestly, I’m THE worst person to talk hair, because I know absolutely nothing about it. My biggest tip is to take all the guesswork out – get a haircut (or perm) that does all the work for you, if possible.