Joe Fresh striped dress
Dress, Joe Fresh; necklace, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Gap Factory; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via Kijiji)

Hey, look: my wish came true, and I didn’t have to ruin this dress with a cardigan again. Progress. I’ll take all the credit, Mother Nature, thankyouverymuch.

Gap Factory wedge espadrille
Ooh, pretty! And the sandals are cute, too …

Can we talk about my sandals for a minute? I’m pretty sure I wrote this in a post somewhere, but I used to have just one pair of sandals. One. Uno. That’s it. I know that might seem hard to believe – because, hello, have you seen my shoe collection? –  but it’s true. Or it was true until earlier this spring, when I went on a sandal-buying binge. My erstwhile lonely pair gave up the ghost at the end of last summer, and I was left … sandal-less. But not for long. I went from zero to three pairs in almost no time about 3 months, but this Gap Factory pair might just be my favourite of the bunch.

(Now, in case you were wondering, the reason why I didn’t have more than one pair of sandals for the longest time is because I hate feet. Mine mostly, but probably yours too. Sorry, I’m sure they’re perfectly serviceable feet, and I will admire them all the day long – provided they’re wearing shoes. You may imagine the problem I have with sandals. Ironically, my feet get really hot easily. And now you can also imagine my sandal dilemma. It is very difficult being neurotic, yes.)

I love the slightly retro vibe, the minimal wedge, the kicky coral colour. They work with everything in my summer wardrobe! And they’re comfortable! Although they do tend to get dirty easily, which is not helped by the fact my son likes stepping on my feet for some unfathomable reason. Boo for dirt, and boo for inexplicable toddler reasoning. But! They were only $26, and I really wish I had bought the blue chambray version as well.

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