Old Navy chambray shirt; House of Harlow starburst necklace
Pants, AG (via Kijiji); shirt & shoes, Old Navy; belt, J. Crew Factory; necklace, House of Harlow; bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via Kijiji)

Words I’d never thought I would utter here or anywhere: I think I might be turning into a minimalist.


Guys, I know! The wonders, they never cease. To be fair, I am talking about (possibly) being a minimalist in style not, um, lifestyle. I still like things. All of the things. But when it comes to dressing, maybe less is more? I know they’ve been saying that for years, but I always assumed they were jealous, lying bitches who couldn’t afford the finest bedazzling to come out of China. Could it be that I was … wrong? I freaking loved wearing this outfit, even after I realized it’s basically the same as this one.

Old Navy chambray shirt; House of Harlow starburst necklace
Good Hair

And it didn’t hurt that I was having a Good Hair Day. This might even be close to my Perfect Hair – I just need another 4 inches or so. I know, my Perfect Hair is wildly inappropriate for my fairly conservative office but … we will cross that bridge when we get there. Or just wear a lot of chignons. Chignons are classic and professional, yes? Bah, who am I kidding – I will never do a chignon, because that would require me to learn how to, and not have two left hands and 4 thumbs.

I know, it’s a terrible affliction.

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    • Thank you! I would def recommend the necklace – it’s really versatile, and decent quality for the price (around $60). You can find it through Holt’s, though you might have to ask them to order it in for you if you want it in black. It also comes in other colours …