What I Wore: Two Weeks Ago, Hah

Joe Fresh striped dress
Dress, Joe Fresh; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

This is such a cute dress – only $24 at Joe Fresh! pockets!! – and it really doesn’t deserve to be buried under this cardigan. But, them’s the breaks. I am hopeful there will be one day out of the next 30 29 when I’ll be able to wear this dress on its own. In the meantime … cardigan.

Oh, and also … unintentional mixing of black and navy. I’m probably hideously behind the fashion times on this issue, but I hate pairing dark navy and black because they just end up looking like mismatched shades of the same colour. A lighter navy and black? Yes. What’s happening here? Nope. No. Nooooo! This personal fashion low happened because (a) I wanted to wear this dress on a day that required tights, and (b) after getting dressed, I realized that I didn’t include my navy flats in the 30 x 30 line-up. D’oh! And sigh. So Adina of me. Anyway, I didn’t feel like messing about with my chosen clothes on the very first day of the challenge (how failure-riffic would that be!), so … there you have it. Mind-numbingly boring explanation and everything.

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    • Nope, you gotta commit if you’re gonna do it!
      This challenge has not been my favourite thing ever, for sure. I’m relieved that it’s almost over. Of course, for you guys, the “pleasure” is just beginning. Oh well, you’ll all get a few good laughs…