I haven’t done one of these shopping recaps/breakdowns in aaaages. Did you miss them? I enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts about their shopping budgets and choices (hello, Franish and her fellow budgeting bloggers) because I’m incurably nosy, but I shouldn’t assume that y’all don’t have better things to do with your blog reading time. So, let me know: yay, or no1curr?

I’m going to go ahead and talk about this month’s shopping anyway, because – stop the presses – I actually made a shopping list this month. And – stop the presses again – I managed to stick to it. Well, mostly. Here’s the score: I bought 11 items for a total of $272 (retail value approx. $1063). I also got a couple of gifts for Mother’s Day:

J. Crew Factory Aqua centrepiece necklace
J. Crew Factory Necklace
Seven& jeans hi-low striped dress
Seven7 Jeans Dress

From my shopping list, I got these:

Anthropologie floral skirt phosphorescence
Anthropologie Edme Esyllte Skirt (via eBay)
BCBG geometric print mod dress
BCBG Dress (via eBay)

“Pants” are a perennial item on my shopping list; I’m still searching high and low for work-appropriate ones (and running out of time) but I found these instead and couldn’t resist. I would happily buy them in every colour of the rainbow at that price:

AG Stevie cropped cords
AG Stevie cropped cords

I also bought the Old Navy blue top I talked about here ($15), and this ring ($9) which was a total impulse buy. Mea culpa and all that.

I included 2 wildcard spots on my shopping list, because I know my Achilles heel, and its name is “impulse buy” (see above, and below). I set a $40 limit for each of these items, because otherwise there would be a strong possibility that my handbag collection would gain a couple more pretties – this month, any month. But I was good; I bought these instead:

Mel jelly shoes flower
Mel by Melissa Jelly Flats
ld Navy chambray drawstring shirt dress
Old Navy Chambray Dress

And then, right around the end of the month, I went off the rails a bit. I bought another pair of my fave J. Crew Factory Anya flats, because they were burgundy and a hella sale:

J CRew Anya cabernet suede flats
J. Crew Anya Suede Flats (Cabernet)

This blue was just too gorgeous to pass up:

Joe Fresh blue ombre tee
Joe Fresh Ombre Tee

And so was this print:

Edme & Esyllte peasant blouse
Edme & Esyllte peasant blouse

And I bought this, because … I couldn’t not. The red/blue combo gets me every time.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Frida Flag Dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs Frida Flag Dress

Things I didn’t find, and I’m still looking for: Marc Jacobs Blake bag or MbMJ Mag bag (come on, eBay!), yellow sandals (utterly impossible quest, I’m convinced), and cropped cigarette pants a la Audrey Hepburn (might as well be hunting unicorns). And another magical thrifting find would be nice too. Mayhap a Burberry trench coat? Well, a girl can have her midsummer dream, yes?

6 Comments on What I Bought: May 2014

  1. Yes! I like the What I Bought posts too. It’s nice to compare shopping habits with other folks. I’ve been thinking about the denim shirt dress too – let me know how you like it!

    • The Old Navy one? I LOOOOVE it! It’s like a potato sack, but basically perfect for casual wear. I find the light-coloured chambray really versatile too. Hope that enables … umm … helps ya! 😉

    • Thanks! Yeah, I really love that dress, even though it’s probably not the most flattering thing. I’m pretty sure it’s coming up on the blog soon (it’s one of my 30 x30 items) … maybe Friday? So you’ll be able to judge for yourself 🙂

      Anyway, one of the things I really like about it is that it’s long enough; so many dresses these days aren’t. I’m 5’7(ish), and it’s long enough that I don’t have to worry about accidental flashing incidents.