diamond print tee
Pants, NYDJ (via eBay); top, Vero Moda; trench, Gap; shoes, Old Navy; bag, Marc Jacobs (via consignment)

I was thinking the other day about just how much I end up squinting in my photos. I swear, you guys, I do have eyes! But they’re very sensitive to light (wah wah) and when it’s sunny here, it’s capital-S sunny, which all adds up to the very finest Squinty Blue Steel. (Also, I would like to point out that I’m not purposefully trying to give Jon Hamm a run for his money in these pants. I have no idea what’s happening here, but I don’t approve. It may be time to retire these pants to strictly playground duty.)

I still hate my trench, and I still can’t stop wearing it. Mary, Mary, quite contrary – hey, look at that!

diamond print tee
oooh, what’s over here?


spring flowers

I love spring summer our indeterminate-warm-weather-season. It’s probably going to snow tomorrow.

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