Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Pink Iris; J. CRew polka dot shift dress
Dress, J. Crew (via eBay); jacket, Old Navy; belt, Holt Renfrew (via consignment); shoes, Tory Burch (via Kijiji); bag, Rebecca Minkoff (via eBay)

I really don’t have much to say about the outfit. This J. Crew dress is still awesome. I still love my Barbie purse. The sky is blue, water is wet, etc.

Let’s talk about my Winners adventures instead. Because this happened:

python print jumpsuit
File under “Too Old For This, I am”

Hahahahaha … hang on … bwahahahaha!

So, being a SAHM is a bit like living a particularly mundane Groundhog Day-type scenario. You have to get your kicks whenever – and however – you can. Sometimes, I get mine trying on ridiculous things; what can I say, my threshold for amusement is pretty low these days. Winners can usually be counted on for at least a few laughs (and the occasional phenomenal find), and this jumpsuit did not disappoint. My mom thought it didn’t look bad … until I told her it wasn’t intended to be an adult onesie pyjama. She then asked where one might wear something like it in public, and proceeded to be mystified by my suggestions. To be fair, if I wore this grocery-shopping, hers would probably not be the only look of befuddlement I would encounter.

The back view was horrific. I’m letting you see it because some day, when you’re having a particularly awful afternoon, you will think back to this and have a good chuckle, and I care about you enough to anticipate that eventuality and do my part to cheer you up. You’re welcome.

python print jumpsuit
Hehehe! Wait, you’re laughing WITH me, right?

I thought about buying the jumpsuit just to punk my husband, but at $50, it was too expensive a joke for my budget.

If money was no object, though, I would have had to buy these as well:

Ivanka Trump sandals
Ivanka Trump sandals

They were actually cute, and a gorgeous colour too, but – holy Manolo! They were excruciating. Like, instrument-of-torture painful. This shot gives a better idea of it, minus the tendon-breaking heel/instep aspect.

Ivanka Trump sandals

But only $115 for anyone interested in breaking their ankle(s) in a stylish way.

8 Comments on 30 x 30: Six

  1. Like the shoes. Just to Look at them. Unfortunatelly since my broken ankle no more high heels for me. Like the sunglasses too. What are they?

  2. I don’t get the jumpsuit thing almost in the same way I don’t get overalls. They don’t look on anyone over the age of around 10. AND YET I try them on all the time, and a girl with my butt should never try them on.

    You look cute in it, but it’s definitely a LOOK you have to own!

    • Yeah, no. Not owning it, don’t really want to own it. I agree with you viz. the age appropriateness.
      I did see one (adult) person pull off a jumpsuit successfully IRL, but she was a tall, willowy, Gwyneth Paltrow type. And, when you ignored the fact that she would have looked good in a garbage bag, the whole thing still vibed “grown-up toddler”.
      I will say this – the damn things are pretty comfy. Like wearing pyjamas.

  3. I had a jumpsuit like that, only in the “fluorescent-green”. But, it was the 80s … and it was magic.

  4. Haha, your writing style made me laugh. I enjoy how you do not take yourself too seriously. I am reading through your 30 x 30. Just stumbled on your blog today.