AG cropped Stevie cords; J. Crew striped floral top
Pants, AG (via Kijiji); top, J. Crew; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; belt, Tommy Hilfiger; shoes, Old Navy; bag, Marc Jacobs (via consignment)

I’m breaking what is probably a cardinal rule (never pair ankle strap shoes with cropped pants) but … whatever. I’m so close to being done with this challenge, I can almost feel my sanity return. With the end in sight, I can say without hesitation that these AG cropped cords were my favourite 30 x 30 piece. I know, I know. The self-avowed dress lover picks a pair of pants as her favourite piece?! Truth.

First of all, all of the dresses I picked for the challenge – while nice enough – were chosen for practicality and versatility. In other words, they’re not exactly dresses that make my heart sing or whatever. (Although I am really fond of my potato sack. And the striped dress. Oh heck, the black dress too. I like them all, alright?) Second, these AG cords are just the bee’s knees. Comfortable, yes, but also the perfect piece around which to build outfits. Outfits that … make my heart sing, I guess. God, how’s that for corny? I just got all corny over pants.

30 x 30 challenge, what have you done to me?!

6 Comments on 30 x 30: Twenty Eight

  1. You look adorable–I love that red belt with the brown cords! Idk, the color combination strikes me as unusual in a good way. Also I like cropped pants w/ ankle straps but I know nothing so don’t mind me =P

  2. I love the red belt with that top! And I never would have picked up on the cropped pants/ankle straps if you hadn’t pointed them out, I don’t think it’s unflattering, it just makes you ankles look kind of, I don’t know, busy?