Longchamp Le Shopping tote; bird print blouse
Jeans, Levi’s (via consignment); top, eBay; necklace, Old Navy; shoes, Tory Burch (via Kijiji); bag, Longchamp

This outfit is made of, like, 75% guilt. First, the blouse. I really shouldn’t have bought it. It drives me batty. I added it to the 30 x 30 line-up in order to try getting my money’s worth (all $6 of it) before chucking it at the end of the summer, but I may not be able to wait that long. Oy vey! Second, the bag. It is a perfectly nice bag. In fact, I liked it so much, this is the second one of its kind I have. Sadly, nowadays, I rarely use it anymore. Guuuuuuilt. To compound the guilt, this one was a present from my parents, so I feel squicky about selling it. Moar guilt. And then we have the necklace I bought on impulse and have worn exactly 2 times in 6 months. Pile on the guilt. Sigh.

Oh, but there is one thing that I don’t regret: buying these Levi’s cropped jeans. I thought Levi’s made jeans for old men but, clearly, I was wrong about this (as about so many other things, #letsnotevenstart). I really like the cut, and I wish I could find it in a regular, black pant version. Oh, how I wish! In the meantime, these jeans will do just fine, thankyouverymuch consignment gods! As I walked over to our customary picture-taking spot, my husband was, like, “Whoa! That is a fine looking pair of jeans, right there!” Or something to that effect, only somewhat more explicit. He may not have been, in fact, referring to the jeans at all. Ahem. Per his request, we took an extra pic. Let’s humour him, shall we?

Longchamp Le Shopping tote; bird print blouse
The photo that could launch a million jokes …

And now let’s never speak of this again.

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  1. What? No! I love that blouse. So much so that it lead me to scour eBay for one of my own where, upon not finding an original J.Crew one, bought a knockoff from China for under $4 including shipping (not proud, insert hiding-under-chair smiley).

    • Oh no, mine is an eBay special too! Did I accidentally write it as J. Crew? It definitely isn’t … I would like to think J. Crew quality would be better than this.
      It’s a nice-looking top, but the poly generates soooo much static (I live in a very dry climate) and that’s one of my pet peeves. There are probably ways around that issue, but I just feel like that’s a lot of extra hassle for a $6 top. (You totally got a better deal, LOL!)
      I do adore the print though …

      • Y’know, I don’t actually think you ever did refer to it as JCrew and I may have just imagined the whole thing. I thought yours might have been more legit since it has slits at the side where as mine is sealed completely.

        I’ve been wearing a mint green spandex-y undershirt I got at Zara years ago to deal with any sheerness issues. Luckily I live on the west coast where’s it’s damp pretty much year round <3

        • The slits are a homemade hack! I asked my grandma to put them in because I found the shirt weirdly tight around the bottom/hem.
          Ahh, the west coast! This is me, being jealous over here 😉

  2. I love the blouse – I’ve seen you put together a few different outfits with it. I won;t complain if its at the next clothing swap, though. 😉 Also, I concur . . . those are great jeans!

  3. a list of things:
    1. i (weirdly?) feel bad for having not commented in a while. life’s cray, sometimes blog commenting falls to the back burner, and then commenting on a bunch of posts at once feels weirder. so here we are.
    2. this top. i want it in 10 prints. i’m having such a hard time finding short sleeved blouses that aren’t some odd shape/material. this one looks comfy and is so flattering. love that print! what don’t you like about it? can i paypal you for it if you are getting rid of it? er…what don’t you like about it? (does it actually give you ulcers or make you speak like you’ve taken helium or something i should be warned about?)
    3. the second photo is smokin’–no need to be coy! i tried to take a ~from the back~ photo last week in my navy polka dot dress and i felt so silly standing on the street taking photos of myself from behind. and all of them, basically including the one i posted, came out look so awkward. i like how, since you’re at an angle, we’re not staring at the sole of your shoe. will remember that next time.
    4. squicky is such an accurate word for that feel.
    5. cropped pants are your new bff.
    6. you’re the cutest and i can’t believe how quickly your 30×30 is going! i love that all of these have been completely wearable, normal, non ~i’m a blogger~ outfits that really anyone can wear. will be sending poorly-dressed friends your way.

    xo nicole

    • 1. Duuuuude, I totally get that. I’m the same way. I wish there was a gadget that could brain-dump my thoughts directly into the comment section of my fave blogs. Typing is for … people without fat fingers, and attention-seeking toddlers 😉
      2. OK, if Lou doesn’t end up wanting it, it’s yours. (No paypal required.) But, I warn you: polyester-ville. And, honestly, you CAN get this top in THIS print, and about a dozen more, on eBay – right now, for $5 shipped. From China. It’s where mine came from. I am not suggesting you should get it (’cause, like I said, I’m ditching mine), but for $5 you probably won’t regret it eternally if you do get it. Just search for “bird print shirt”, you’ll get a dozen sellers selling the same shirts. Two comments. One, size up. I usually wear a small-medium on top, and I went with a Large. It was still a bit tight on the bottom/hem (so I had my grandma McGyver those side slits). Two, shipping can take a while. I think mine took close to a month to get here; like I said, you should be able to find a seller that offers free shipping, so there’s that.
      3. Taking photos from the back is hard, yo! Also, asking strangers to check out my butt is kinda embarrassing. But thanks 😉
      5. I LOOOOVE cropped pants! Have for ages. I just have a hard time finding ones that are slim-cut and don’t bag out at the (back of the) knees. I don’t know what that’s about. I like the ankle-length J. Crew Minnie pant in wool (not twill), but I’m determined not to pay over $50 for pants, so I’m waiting. For a long time, I’m sure.
      6. A) you are too kind, and B) not fast enough! Normcore – it’s what we do best around here 😉

  4. Ha, I. Am fourthing (fifthing?) the blouse fondness, maybe it needs an underlayer? It’s so eye-catching, in a good way. And cute jeans, for sure! Your photog speaketh the truth! But I am also surprised about the bag, I go through bag cycles and sometimes one has to sit for a while before it really gets used, I wouldn’t write it off if you’ve gotten good use out of a similar one… If you do, mail it it California 😉

    • I do that too with bags! I’m definitely not writing this one off just yet, because it’s a classic style and it’s very functional/practical.

    • Oops! I’m a bad blogger – I totally forgot. Of course! So, according to the waistband (heh!), this is the Demi-Curve Ankle Skinny. The in-seam appears to be 27′. I’m about 5’7 for reference. (Actually, more like 5’6.75, but you will pry that quarter inch from my cold, dead hands).
      I tried looking for it online, but I can’t seem to find the ankle crop version 🙁
      Lots of the Demi Curve skinnies, though.