Month: June 2014

30 x 30: Twenty Five

Joe Fresh striped dress
Dress, Joe Fresh; scarf, J. Crew Factory; trench, Gap; shoes, Tory Burch (via Kijiji); bag, Coach (via Kijiji)

Look at that! I’m finally mixing some patterns and everything. I kinda thought I’d be pulling odd fashun-y combinations a lot more in this challenge, but then I went and picked a bunch of really boring basic pieces, and all the fashun-y potential went out the window. On the plus side, you should now have sufficient inspiration for the next 2 years’ worth of grocery trips. You’re welcome!

Anyway, speaking of patterns, I love this scarf but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to style it. I think I may have met my match. Kooky pattern, I admit defeat.

Joe Fresh striped dress
The trench that just won’t die

Were you ever been stumped by a pattern? Am I just a big whiny baby? (Two affirmative answers would not be mutually exclusive in this case, by the way.)

30 x 30: Twenty Four

diamond print top; GAP coral wedge sandals
Top, Vero Moda; cardigan & skirt, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Gap Factory; bag, MbMJ

So … I really like how this turned out. It’s basically a slightly tweaked version of this outfit, but I like it. Oh, I already said that, did I? Errmmm. Ummm. What else can we talk about? Oh, how about the fact that my torso is made out of … wait for it … one gigantic diamond? Alright, fine, it’s not. It just looks that way. But what if it was?? I think I would go by, hmm, The Amazing Bling Woman. My alter ego would be a meek, bespectacled, cardigan-wearing librarian called Beth, obviously. This outfit would be my version of Superman’s shirt-ripping moment. How’s that for a backstory?

What’s that you say? More pictures, less blah blah? Ok, fiiiiine.

diamond print top; GAP coral wedge sandals
I may have overdone the sea salt spray a bit this day because – whoa!

Bling Woman out.

30 x 30: Twenty Three

Adriano Goldschmied stevie cropped cords; J. Crew striped blazer
Pants, AG; blouse, Old Navy; blazer, J. Crew; bag, MbMJ

Taking blog photos is always interesting. Wait, did I write “interesting”? Because I mean “mortifying”. The act itself is embarrassing enough (I think my neighbours think I’m a whackadoodle … which is probably not that far off, actually), but then there is my entourage. I use that term loosely, obviously; I’m referring to my kids. Miss T is still too young to cause much of a commotion, but her brother’s got her back – he creates enough commotion for two kids. Two kids and a hyena. A very angry hyena.

Which means I usually end up with at least one photo that looks like this:

Adriano Goldschmied stevie cropped cords; J. Crew striped blazer
What the heck, angry hyena?

I’m trying not to read too much into it (and failing), but my son loves asking to have his photo taken – while doing random things. To wit:

“And the car was brokened. And Taylor fixed it. But not really.”

In case you’re confused, he is reading a “book”. Better known as an IKEA storage box. Apparently, it was a very good story – by the sounds of it, loosely based on the narrative pattern of The Giving Tree, and featuring his dad’s 1974 Beetle and Taylor Swift. This, by the way, describes 85% of stories he “reads”.

Adriano Goldschmied stevie cropped cords; J. Crew striped blazer
Alrighty then!

Sometimes, the outfit is the least interesting part of it all.