Month: June 2014

What I Bought: June

Alrighty, the consensus last month was … mostly pro-recaps, which I took for encouragement, so y’all are getting another monthly update. And it is a doozy. I mean, more so than an average month. A real doozy, then.

Truth time: I wrote last month’s update before the actual, you know, month end – which is very proactive of me, but also far too optimistic, it turns out. May had one last purchase in store for me. An expensive one. Naturally. It comes with a story, so grab the beverage of your choice and settle in. But before I get to that story, let’s get the less important stuff out of the way first. Counting May’s late extravagance, I bought 6 things this month for a total of $480 (original retail approx. $2,673). (Yeah, I know that’s some funky, multi-month accounting, but let’s roll with it).

The also-rans this month were a couple of cute impulse buys. I was supposed to be on a month-long shopping ban, but hahahaha!

J. Crew Factory Stripe Embroidered Tee
J. Crew Stripe Embroidered Tee
Joe Fresh sleep shorts
Joe Fresh (Sleep) Shorts

I also bought a necklace and a pair of earrings at RW&Co for $19 in a 2-for-1 deal. Sorry, I can’t find pics online, but trust they are cute. And I got this top as a “just because” gift from my husband. (I think it happened the week I had the plague. Or, you know, a nasty cold. Hyperbole, shmyperbole!)

J. Crew Oxford Popover
J. Crew Factory Oxford Popover

OK, story time.

Remember that Marc Jacobs Blake bag I kept nattering about? This one:

Marc Jacobs Blake bag
Marc Jacobs Blake bag

Yeah, I couldn’t find it on eBay, in the right colour or for the right price. Instead, I found this bag:

Mulberry Fitzrovia Bag
Mulberry Fitzrovia Bag

It was a total fluke. I have exactly one seller saved in my favourites folder on eBay, and for some reason it’s the Seattle Goodwill. I don’t even know why, because I’ve never bought anything from them before. I was actually looking for another seller I thought I had saved in my list (I hadn’t because my name is Adina and I’m technological incompetent), and decided to browse their listings instead. And that’s when I saw the Fitzrovia.

I didn’t know it was called that, of course. The listing was super generic, and it took a day’s worth of kids’ naps to track down the details. The bag is from 2007, and it was a one-season deal. Inside, it’s laid out in pretty much the same way as the Blake, which means it has awesome bag feng shui (according to moi, anyway). The detailing is gorgeous … as it should be, considering the bag originally retailed for somewhere around $1,800. Oh-em-gee. The eBay listing had a starting bid price of US$250. I bid, 100% convinced I would get out-bid. And … I wasn’t.

I mean, I’m still in disbelief over that.

The bag arrived, and it is a real beauty. Almost mint condition. (Who donates stuff like this to Goodwill? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they do; I just … don’t get it.) Mine is a rich, chocolate brown (not black, as pictured). It’s the perfect size and style for work, but I have a feeling you’ll be seeing it on this here blog sooner rather than September.

(PSA: it almost goes without saying, but always do your homework when buying designer bags on eBay, even from reputable sellers. In my case, the Fitzrovia is not one of Mulberry’s more famous designs, so the likelihood of it being knocked-off is lower than, say, for the Alexa … but you never know. I did my due diligence prior to bidding, and you should too. There are tons of great resources for that on the web, starting with The Purse Forum.)

Oh, and that last item? Remember my other MbMJ obsession? Yep, she is fiiiiiiinally mine.

weekend shortlist
Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Mag Bag

She also came with a story, but it’ll have to wait for another post. (I forgot to add the graphic, but the bag was $119, shipped, on eBay).

This month, I thought it might be fun to also show you what I didn’t buy (and tell you why). (Yes, I sometimes don’t buy things. Admit it, you didn’t see that coming.) And you can tell me that I make really terrible buying decisions. Or amazing ones. Varying mileage and all that.

Ted Baker Flower Fairy Print Blouse
Ted Baker Flower Fairy Print Blouse

I adored the print, but 100% polyester … no, thanks. I’m surprised this originally retailed for over $200. Really, Ted Baker?

J. Crew Liberty of London June's Meadow Peasant Blouse
J. Crew Liberty of London June’s Meadow Peasant Blouse

Loved the print (see a theme developing here?) but the fit was weird. And I freaking hate elasticized hems. I would love to get my hands on the schoolboy blazer in this print.

Joe Fresh Eyelet Hem Skirt
Joe Fresh Eyelet Hem Skirt

This Joe Fresh skirt was super cute, but … I guess I wasn’t feeling it for $29. It was just ever so slightly too puffy on me, and I wasn’t sure I’d get a ton of wear out of a white skirt. Worst of all, it was a little bit too sheer for my taste. But the eyelet detail on the hem was lovely. Sigh!

Gap Floral Flared Shirtdress
Gap Floral Flared Shirt Dress

This Gap shirt dress was on sale, and quite lovely. Too bad I happened to see it early in the month when I was still serious about that shopping ban. To be honest, if I didn’t already have this shirt dress (and if the armholes of the Gap one weren’t oddly ginormous), I would have probably bought it, shopping ban or no. It looked pretty cute:

Gap yellow floral flared shirt dress
Sigh … I’m starting to regret this one again

What did your June shopping look like? Linking up with Franish and the other budgeting bloggers, so if you’re in the mood for more shopping voyeurism, head on over there.

30 x 30: Twenty Seven

J. Crew Factory flower necklace; J. Crew black mini
Skirt, necklace & shoes, J. Crew Factory; shirt, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

Ooh, bookend-y! I usually try to rein in my matchy-matchy impulses, because otherwise I would end up with the most Garanimal-esque outfits, but sometimes it’s just easier to give in. I probably could have left off the necklace, but then we’d be in Snoozeville, which isn’t really worth the detour from Matchy-Matchtropolis. But all that is by way of wholly unnecessary explanation.

It’s alright. The outfit, I mean. It has a certain whiff of I-give-up-ness to it, but it’s not terminally malaised or anything – much like my general feeling about this 30 x 30 challenge, 27 days in. We will get through this, peeps! This too shall pass, etc., etc.

I’ve been pondering the future and direction of this blog for the past few weeks, and I’m currently leaning towards just keepin’ on. Maybe. I don’t know. I keep changing my mind every five minutes, and yeah, it’s annoying. When I’m having a bad day, and I get the itch to post passive-aggressive, vague Facebook status updates, and this blog is just tumbleweeds and crickets, doing the ole dramatic flounce seems like it would be 50 shades of emotionally satisfying. But then I’ll get a funny/sweet/thoughtful comment, and it makes standing on my driveway to take photos of my outfit feel less … completely pointless and ridonk. So there is that. Sweet indecision. Maybe I should just go ahead and have a regular “I quit!” day every week, followed by a “hey, I’m back, did you miss me” day. Flounce Thursdays and Slink Back Sundays. Hashtag blogger problems.

To make up for wasting your time with the pointless this morning, monthly shopping recap post will up be later today.

30 x 30: Twenty Six

J. Crew loafers; black cardigan, capsule dressing
Jeans, Levi’s (via consignment); blouse, Old Navy; belt, Tommy Hilfiger; shoes, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I didn’t think much of this outfit when I was getting ready, but then a few people complimented me on it, and I was, like, “Whoa! You know nothing, Jon Snow Adina.” Fair enough.

Can we talk about capsule dressing for a sec? In general, I’m anti-capsule, because people who are pro-capsule are usually very much into the whole minimalist thing, and all that “you only need 15 pieces each season” business. No. I need* 100, and that’s only because I restrain myself. However. One silver lining to this whole 30 x 30 disaster challenge has been the discovery that I kinda like working with a minimalist colour palette.

Now, don’t go thinking I mean 3 colours or something equally unlikely. Girl, please; you know me better than that. I’m talking 6 or so main colours, with a few additional ones as accents. For this “capsule”, I ended up with black, blue, cognac, cream, red and khaki-green as my main colours, with teal, purple, and coral as accents. And, guess what? Putting together outfits is easy when you’re not trying to harmonize an entire rainbow. I also liked the cohesiveness of the resulting looks; I feel like that takes me one step closer to looking like a proper adult – at almost-34, about time.

OK, that was more than a second. I lied.

* Fine. Technically, I don’t need a bazillion clothes like I need, say, air. I just like being … hyperboloose? Can we pretend that’s a real word? Like, loose-handed with my hyperboles. I like it. It’s fetch.