J. Crew Factory embroidered tee
Pants, AG (via Kijiji), top, J. Crew Factory; necklace, House of Harlow; shoes, Old Navy

As you might remember, this is the top for which I broke my June shopping ban (on June 3rd or something equally ridiculous). Not the only thing for which I broke the ban, mind you – just the first. Ahem. I regret nothing. It’s cute, and blue, and stripy, and cheapish, and I stand by my regrettable-but-not-regretted decisions.

Are you getting bored of my predictable colour combos? Sorry, if that’s the case. Not sorry about wearing them, though. Blue + tan is my jam. It even rhymes.

This guy’s also my jam:

My fave (little) guy
My fave (little) guy

He’s turning 3 soon. I’m in denial. It doesn’t help that he recently discovered the hair on his legs (“like daddy!”), and proudly announced that he’s going to be a man, and go to work, and have his own tools (“like daddy!”).

Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me, dammit! OK, fine, let's just hug
Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me, dammit! OK, fine, let’s just hug

I. Am. Not. Ready.

Siiiiiigh. Oh yeah, style blog. Once more with feeling.

J. Crew Factory embroidered tee
The outfit … again

8 Comments on Embroidered

  1. LOVE that top! It’s a little bit boho with the embroidery, but it has a nice classic shape. I would’ve busted my (non-existent) shopping ban for it too. And blue and tan is a classic combo and one I like too. Why mess with it if it works?

  2. Ha, my nephew is in a manly phase now too, he’s three and wants to be Batman. He’ll always be your baby. And I’m really enjoying the black accessories with the blue/tan combo, I like the contrast.

    • Haha! I asked my son the other day what he wanted to be when he grows up, and he said Batman. Must be a 3-year old thing 😉
      And I totally get what you mean.

  3. Dangit, now it looks like I’m saying my nephew will always be your baby. Not what I meant. Also, when do we get to see the J. Crew tassel/octopus necklace? I never know how to style that type of necklace so I’m waiting to see it in action…

    • Oh no – I didn’t end up buying that tassel necklace. The octopus comment killed my interest. I hope Adrien gets it … though she will probably make me love it again, and I’ll be sad I passed on it.

  4. Elodie is 3 in September & now We have Felix she seems such a big girl to me- and feels heavy. Three weeks ago I could pick her up easy as anything at full term pregnancy. Now with a 17 day old baby I struge to get her off the ground. She looks huge & it makes me quite sad as she is actually very petite. Amazing how things change (and how hormones make you crazy sad over silly stuff!)

    • I TOTALLY understand what you’re saying! My son sometimes looks to me like he’s 3-going-on-10 (it doesn’t help that he’s really big/tall for his age), and that makes me so sad – that I missed so much of his baby-ness when I was a scared-out-of-my-wits first-time mom. Some friends of ours just had a baby, and it made me realize my little baby girl … isn’t really a baby anymore either. I enjoyed her first year much more (being more relaxed the second time around) and it feels like it went by too fast. Enjoy Felix’ little-ness <3