J. Crew Factory polka dot popover
Top, J. Crew Factory; pants, NYDJ; shoes, J. Crew; bag, vintage Coach

Sorry about the missing squiggly line cedilla. I know how to spell basic French words, I swear. #macproblems

Anyway. Yes, as the title suggests, I was aiming for a bit of an androgynous look here. (Maybe I should have aimed for a better ironing job. Zing! But, seriously, I think my iron hates me for ignoring it 99% of the time.) I’m, um, not sure if my vision translated, but surely I can at least get points for effort, yes? Listen, if it works for our educational system, surely … never mind.

J. Crew Factory polka dot popover; J. Crew loafers
The details …

But wait! I also tried something new with my hair! I should know better than to do that by now (hint: it always ends disastrously), but I am ever hopeful. I became intrigued by this hack that is supposed to give you a longer- and fuller-looking ponytail. You divide your hair in two sections – top and bottom. You pull the top part back into a high-ish ponytail, then do the same with the lower/bottom part just below the top ponytail. Gah, I’m the worst at explaining anything hair-related. Anyway, the top ponytail hides the bottom one, which in turn makes the top, visible one look fuller and longer. You can kinda, sorta tell from this shot:

J. Crew Factory polka dot popover; J. Crew loafers

I think it only works on wavy/curly/curled hair. You need to fluff up the top ponytail a bit, the better to hide the other one. ‘S alright. It works, I guess, but I was worried the entire time about moving my head the wrong way, and exposing my grade schooler, two-ponytails situation. You can probably pin the top part a bit to keep it from moving too much, but … bah, I ain’t got time for that. I’ll just stick to my one, anemic little ponytail.

But I still get points for trying, yes?

4 Comments on Garconne

  1. So I wandered over recently from that one website that trash talks all the bloggers ( 😉 ) and I love your blog and style. Also I think the double pony tail thing is one of those things that works and looks fine (even good! yours looks good!) in pictures but is kind of weird in real life (source: I tried it in real life and looked like a dweeb, but I also have straight hair)… so points!

    • Welcome! Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂
      And, LOL. It’s okay to say it looks assy. Honestly, I’m terrible at styling my hair so it’s not much of a surprise. Plus, I think a lot of these so-called hacks are a bunch of malarkey. I like trying them for fun, but I have yet to find one that blew my mind.

  2. I think it looks pretty cute on you, myself, but thinking about the whole “keeping your head held a certain way so it doesn’t look stupid” thing means I’ll never try it for myself. I don’t need more reasons to be neurotic.