edmonton borden park; j. crew factory city shorts
Top, Joe Fresh; shorts, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Old Navy

I love colour. I’m the person who buys a dozen eye shadows she’ll never use because all the colours look so pretty and she simply can’t choose just one. And have you seen my nail polish wall? Colour hoarder, c’est moi. Naturally, I was tickled pink (hah!) by this sculpture at Borden Park.

Seriously, though, how amazing is it:

edmonton borden park
Borden Park sculpture

Borden Park is a little jewel in North Edmonton, and if you haven’t already checked it out, you should. Outside of the river valley, Edmonton’s park game is so-so; a lot of wide open spaces, not much in the way of natural features. Borden Park, on the other hand, has a distinct West Coast feel to it – lots of mature trees, winding paths, outdoor sculptures, picnic areas, and one beautiful glass-walled pavilion. They are still working on some of the landscaping and the water features, but it looks very promising. The park also has one of the nicest playgrounds in Edmonton, and is immediately adjacent to an outdoor swimming pool, so keep it in mind if you have kidlets.

Anyway, my outfit. Definitely takes a backseat to the surroundings, but it was very comfy if not particularly stylish. The loose fit of the Joe Fresh tee photographs tent-like, but I love it. Ditto for the J. Crew Factory City shorts.

edmonton borden park; j. crew factory city shorts
ok, bye

I know! Two pairs of shorts in less than a month?! Craziness!

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