AG stevie cropped red cords; red cords; Mel flower flats
Pants, AG (via consignment); top, Anthropologie (via consignment); necklace; RW&Co.; bag, Marc Jacobs (via consignment); shoes, Mel

I am a massive baby when I’m sick. The massive-est. I easily put my 3-year old* to shame. Happily for my family, I had an uncharacteristic sickness-free streak of nearly 6 months this year; unhappily (for us all), the cold that ended my lucky streak was a real mean SOB. Ugh. That’s all I can say about it. This is me, 4 days into it and completely over everything. A sleepless night watching over the (also sick) baby really helped my complexion … not at all. So, bring out the red pants. That will distract everyone. Genius!

You know what I just realized? Not wearing black – the safe default – when I’m feeling under the weather really helps me look less like death warmed over and more … everyday pasty. The more you know, etc.

AG stevie cropped red cords; red cords; Mel flower flats
My pants are awake, even if I’m not

* Yesterday was my son’s birthday. I’m still working on processing the fact I have a THREE year old. Three years that felt like an eternity, yet were gone in the blink of an eye. Like, whoa. We love you to bits, monkey.

7 Comments on Red And … Wait for It … Blue

  1. Summer colds are the worst! I hope you are feeling better now. I had a cold a couple weeks ago when I was flying to visit my family. Worst possible time to be sick! I really should have worn some red jeans to distract everyone.

  2. You absolutely positively do NOT look sick, but I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! Those red pants are awesome. I wish I could wear pants in the summer, but it’s all I can do not to strut around in a bathing suit in this Florida heat/humidity. And by strut I mean awkwardly meander (obviously). The kids get big so quick, don’t they? You always hear people say that, but you don’t know how true it is until you’re watching your own kids grow up.

    • Thanks, lady! This was 3 weeks ago or so, and although it was awful, I did indeed survive šŸ˜‰

      True story: the first year of my son’s life lasted about 57 months. His 3rd year lasted about 18 weeks, and I have no idea where even that time went. His feet are 2/3 of the length of mine, and elfin feet I do not have. I’m waiting for his mustache to sprout. Any day now.