Target Merona print maxi dress
Dress, Target; jacket, Tommy Hilfiger; necklace, RW&Co; belt, Holt Renfrew; shoes, Old Navy; bag, Mulberry

Road trips to Calgary are not normally something over which I’d lose my damn mind, except when they come with the following disclaimer: kids-free. Yeeeeee-hawww! Yep, we left the kids behind (with the grandparents and not, like, by the side of the road or anything) and blew out of town for 36 blissful hours of adults-only fun. Does my excitement appear rather unseemly? Eh, maybe. I’d probably go with “gleeful, leaning towards the obnoxious”.

(But, guys, here’s the thing I’m almost embarrassed to admit, but which other parents already know: there is no such thing as a kid-free weekend. Even if they’re not physically present, they’re still there. On your mind. Any time there’s a quiet moment. Kids (your own, to be precise) might be the ultimate can’t-live-with-them/can’t-live-without-them proposition.)

Target Merona print maxi dress

So, yes, as you might have surmised, this is what I wore on the trip down to C-town. Comfort, y’all – it’s where it’s at. I was going to go with one of my practical MbMJ bags – because this is a road trip after all – but then I got to thinking. A day without kids and their sticky messes? It might just be a road trip, but it’s also a great opportunity to bust out a “nice” handbag for once. I went back and forth for a while (because I have a few nice bags that have been collecting dust for a year), and eventually landed on the Bayswater. It’s just so damn nice and versatile. Over the top? Yes. But in Calgary, that’s kind of par for the course.

Target Merona print maxi dress; Mulberry Bayswater soft croc biscuit
The preciousssssss

There is a reason I don’t really do travel posts. Lots of reasons, actually, but one big one. We don’t really do exciting things when we travel. If we’re traveling with the kids (95% of the time), it’s basically all playgrounds, cheapie diners, aquariums and zoos, and mall trips (to visit the mannequins, natch). When it’s just us, it’s even less interesting. Our yearly road trips are all about 3 things: eating, sleeping, shopping. In peace and quiet. But just because we’re boring folks, I won’t assume you are too. So, no travel tips from Adina. Trust me, you’re happy about that.

Here’s a look at my mani-pedi combo – doesn’t it just scream summer road-trip?

Fossil Georgia tortoiseshell watch; Tory Burch brown wrap around bracelet
mmmmm, fluorescent!

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  1. I think you SHOULD do more travel posts! Packing is hard, yo – especially when you’re trying to combine business with pleasure, with some adventuring, and oh yeah, carry-on only!