Moschino floral dress; Minkoff Cerulean MAC
Dress, Moschino; shoes, Ivanka Trump; necklace, Hudson Bay; bag, Rebecca Minkoff

This is what I wore for an extra special date night with my husband in Calgary. The “extra” we were celebrating that night was our 4th wedding anniversary. Can you handle a throwback on a Tuesday?

Photo credit, Strictly Photonic
Photo credit, Strictly Photonic

I’d show you a photo of the both of us, but my husband is internet-shy. (Or so he claims; I think he just like to be mysterious.) Looking back over our wedding photos, reminiscing style, I was struck by how – before house renovations, and babies, and sleepless nights, and all the rest of the suburban dream come true – we looked like such kids. I still feel like we’re kids (playing house till the real parents show up), but we don’t look it anymore. So … yay?

So, yes, anniversary dinner. I went kinda all out. I get so few chances for even regular dressing up that I seized this opportunity with more gusto than a dinner at a steak joint would otherwise conjure up.

Moschino floral dress; Minkoff Cerulean MAC
Parking lot selfie like you mean it

15 Comments on Half a Decade (Minus One)

  1. I really love that dress! Also, you’ve been really busy in 4 years. It’s a wonder you look basically the same and not like the crypt-keeper. Keep drinking that non-aging serum and share some with me ;)!

  2. that is a perfect Adina dress if i ever saw one. also, you were a beautiful bride (duh) and i always love throwback wedding pix. moar pls.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Monday marked 7 years for us, and yeah – looking back at those pictures makes me realize that I have, in fact, aged a bit. We look like such little kids!

  4. Happy anniversary! It certainly sounds like you’ve had a great 4 years – and you certainly look as good in your anniversary dress as you do in your wedding gown!

  5. Relatively new reader here. Was so excited that you are from Edmonton as am I! Love your wit and style. Just had to comment today because both dresses look so beautiful and perfect on you!