Joe Fresh shorts; Old Navy khaki vest
Shorts, Joe Fresh; tee, vest & shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

So, blog photos. Funny things. I have two people who take my OOTD photos. The first one is my mom. She doesn’t get the whole fashun blogger thing, like, at all so her photography is the ultimate in parental indulgence. The second one is my husband. Although he’s a fairly supportive fashun blogger husband (he does all the IT-related stuff for me, generally without grumbling), he positively delights in mocking the photo-taking aspect. Specifically, my posing. So our “shoots” (does it count as a shoot if it involves an iPhone and two screaming kids in the background? I digress) usually start all normal-like …

… and then start rapidly going off the rails …

Joe Fresh shorts, Old Navy khaki vest
Don’t smile (with teeth), don’t smile (with teeth), don’t smile … dammit!

reeeeeally off the rails …

Joe Fresh shorts, Old Navy khaki vest
Left: I have no idea; right: I have no idea

He loves to narrate every single one of my poses, and I can’t even be mad because he. totally. gets. it. right. One more inch to the right, aaand tilt the chin half an inch, aaand freeze!

Joe Fresh shorts, Old Navy khaki vest
The snort laugh phase

That is me, by the way, trying to pull myself together and failing.

Joe Fresh shorts, Old Navy khaki vest
OK, I’m ready to take a photo now … wait, what do you mean we have to go?

Almost there. Oh, look, time’s up.

P.S. Did you notice mah nail polish? Matchy!

Nail polish from Joe Fresh (but don't buy it because the formula sucks)
Nail polish from Joe Fresh (but don’t buy it because the formula sucks)


9 Comments on Those Shorts, Again

  1. my boyfriend currently takes mine (before I took all of them myself with a tripod and remote) and while he’s a really great sport about it, sometimes he likes to play paparazzi….hilarious. I’m actually going to have an outtakes post soon about it πŸ™‚

    • oooooh, looking forward to that one!
      BTW, you guys look adorable together. Like, super freakin’ cute. I creeped on your FB a little bit (just a little! I promise!) after I read your comments on the WIW page.

      • that WIW post was fun while it lasted – of course it was all deleted because if you scrub it off the internet, it never happened, right?

        and thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Much more fun than my photo-taking experience. MrB is not too hot with the camera and thinks I look good even when I look bad, leading to some tense situations after I see his work. LOL.

    • Aww, but that’s kind of sweet in a way. My husband likes to take goofy shots just because it amuses him to get me worked up. (To be fair, he also does take some amazing ones.)

    • Thanks! Taking fashun photos is probably not high on most guys’ lists of fun things to do, so you gotta hand it to them for being patient with us.