Rachel Roy floral chambray dress; old navy yellow wedge sandals
Dress, Rachel Roy (via consignment); shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

You’ve seen this dress before (here and here), but it’s cute so I hope y’all can handle seeing it again in all of its wrinkled glory. I know. I know. I swear it doesn’t look like that when I put it on; some black magic happens in the thirty minutes it takes me to get all my ish together and out of the door, and bam. Wrinkles. I am appropriately ashamed.

sowwy, guys

But, really, I want to talk about the sandals.

Rachel Roy floral chambray dress; old navy yellow wedge sandals
o hai, shoes!

I have been looking for mustard yellow sandals all summer, and I am drawn to the inexorable conclusion that no such things exist in the wild. Good luck if you’re also looking for a pair. You might as well take up unicorn spotting – you’ll have more success doing that, I’m sure.

So, I grudgingly settled for this neon-y, citron yellow pair from Old Navy. They look really cute, and they’re not too uncomfortable. Citron yellow is … ok, fine, a lovely colour. (But it’s no mustard yellow, humph.) But, holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, are these shoes ever prone to getting dirty! I wear them for a couple of hours, and I look like I’ve been tilling muddy fields with my feet. Which, as we all know, is so not my scene. On the bright side, the faux suede seems responsive to a bit of soap and a wet cloth. On the not-so-bright side, I ain’t really got time for that, so these shoes are now officially in PITA territory. Pity, because they are cute.


How about we look at my necklace? And my really, really awkward smile?

J Crew deco necklace
Necklace, J. Crew

I think I better stick with my usual derp face in the future.

10 Comments on Chasing The Unicorn: A Quest for Yellow Sandals

  1. It’s not you, it must be the fabric of the skirt. .must have linen in it or something 🙂

    I do a crumple / scrunch test when I buy stuff. I crush it in my hands really hard then release, and check for wrinkles.

    I still love this dress.. LOVE LOVE LOVE the top.

    • Those are gorgeous! I have a bad feeling 6pm is one of those sites that doesn’t ship to Canada, but I am definitely looking for those on eBay! hanks for the recc 🙂