J. Crew chino 5' shorts
Shorts, J. Crew; top, J. Crew Factory; sandals, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

This outfit is proof that (a) it’s hot enough these days for me to throw restraint to the (non-existent) wind and thrust my pasty whiteness upon an unsuspecting public all day every day, and (b) I love these shorts so damn much. Five inch inseam for the win!

So … another tricolour look. I feel like that’s becoming something of a specialty of mine. On the pro side, it’s hard to muck up. With a 3 colour palette, you have to work at looking like a clown, especially when you’ve got a neutral in the mix. On the con side, there is your general boredom to consider. If I wasn’t taking pictures of my outfits and posting them on the internet, this obviously wouldn’t rate as an actual consideration. Even so, should it? I don’t know; I used to try to dress “interestingly” for the blog, and more often than not I feel like it backfired anyway. I can at least aim for authenticity, if not actual style points. So … yeah, I don’t know, this particular train of thought went off the rails just now.

Moving on to less inane things, here’s a close-up of my joolz. And by that, I mean a necklace you can’t see unless you’re standing. Right. There. Nose to nose with me. It’s cute, though.

Tiffany anchor necklace
Necklace, Tiffany

I actually have a ton of jewelry I’d love to pile on every day, but that brings me back to what I was rambling about earlier; there just isn’t a call for me, as a current SAHM, to go the Mister T route at the playground. So, wah wah – no sparklies for me. But, hey, I can always go nuts with the nail polish:

J. Crew chino 5' shorts
Fluorescent toes

To wrap things up, I am now less than one month away from my official return-to-work date, which is equal parts “eeeeeek” and “hell, yeah”. Part of me feels like I should overdose on the cute casual gear I’ve acquired this year – which won’t ever get this much wear again – and part of me wants to dig out the high heels, like, yesterday.

Which part you with?

J. Crew chino 5' shorts
why does it look like I have a insect-tiny head?!

3 Comments on Dog Days

    • Hah! I hear you. There will be a painful breaking in period again, after a year of wearing flats. I’m hoping I can reunite with my 3 inch heels, though. I’ve already weeded out everything higher.

  1. I’m the same re: current SAHM dressing. I keep looking at all my chunky statement jewellery but it’s not practical for nursing so it stays unworn.
    I’d go down the casual route until you go back to work. Make the most of the shorts, flat sandals & THAT maxi I say!