Anthropologie Pilcro floral pnats
Pants, Anthropologie; tank, Kirkland; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ

These pants are made from a thicker material (which is why haven’t worn them since the spring), but I’ve been missing my florals lately, so out they came. The outfit is really basic, in the best way. When you throw together a standout piece you love, plus a wardrobe staple or two … magic.

Ok, maybe not magic. Just your garden variety Good Outfit Day.

Still, there was drama. Minor drama. Really, really minor. Minuscule. I couldn’t decide which cardigan to wear. See, there was also this one:

Anthropologie Pilcro floral pnats
Better blue??

I went back and forth for a good 5 minutes – which is generally time I really can’t afford to waste on stupid s**t – and I just couldn’t decide which version I liked better. Here, have a look.

Anthropologie Pilcro floral pnats
Side by Side

Ultimately, I deferred to my mom. That’s totally normal for a 34-year old, right? Right.

Anthropologie Pilcro floral pants
Pink for the win?

13 Comments on Grandma’s Couch … Rides Again

  1. I like the pink cardi – I like how it pulls the pink out of the flowers. And it is totally legit to call your mom when making tough decisions.

  2. I adore those pants. And I think the pink plays better with the rest of the outfit/your coloring, the blue is too contrast-y for me. But seriously. ADORE grandma’s couch, the colors are so nice. Makes me wish I didn’t hate wearing skinny pants, they look so cute.

  3. Blue. It makes your hair look … I dunno – Royal! Royal as in crownly, aristocratic (but it would have to be pure-blood Irish aristocracy, of course).

  4. See I like how the pink cardigan “goes” with the pants better, but I like how the blue is a little unexpected. So it’s tough to pick the favorite. Just wear the blue version some other day! Everyone wins!