Target Merona print maxi dress
Dress, Target; belt, Gap; cardigan, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Old Navy; bag, vintage Coach (via eBay)
Target Merona print maxi dress
From the side

Not just any maxi dress. THE maxi dress. This is it, you guys. To borrow Adrien‘s phrase, this is a magical dress. Flattering, comfortable, machine-washable. It’s so magical, I’m showing it to you again, even though it’s been barely a minute since the last time.

Did I mention it has pockets? Also, it goes with everything. Pick a colour, any colour, in my closet … and it will probably go with my magical Target maxi dress. You think I am kidding? I don’t joke about Very Important Things, like magical dresses. See?

Target Merona print maxi dress
mustard yellow
Target Merona print maxi dress

Exhibit #3:

Target Merona print maxi dress
Target Merona print maxi dress
why does it look like I did an ombre job on my hair? ahh, the mysteries of life …

I could go on (I have 12 14 15 a lot of cardigans in my closet), but I won’t belabour my point. Let’s just agree that I’m right.

Target Merona print maxi dress
seeing triple

Ok, just one more:

Target Merona print maxi dress

What was your magical dress this summer?

15 Comments on THE Maxi Dress

  1. That is a magical dress! I want one!
    Also – My favorite combo is with the yellow. It accents your hair … it just looks fantastic.

    • Get thee to Target! Although it might be sold out by now 🙁
      There is also a super cute black maxi dress at Gap Factory right now that you should check out. I think I have a post scheduled for Saturday, but go go go as soon as you can!

    • No sleeves. It’s a tank style on top. I’ll try to post a pic of the dress on its own, but you can see the stock photo in my July budget round-up.

  2. I would like to have this magical dress! I feel like most maxi dresses have super low necklines like “covering up the legs, let’s show as much boob as possible!” Which is not a good plan for me.

    • This one is great for that – it has a modest neckline. It might be sold out, but it’s always worth checking if you find yourself at Target 🙂

  3. This maxi looks great on you! And how awesome is it that you can combine it with all the cardigans/all the colors?! I’m a massive hoarder of colored cardigans, so my next quest will be finding an easily remixed maxi. Thanks for the inspiration Adina!

    • Thanks!! I bought another maxi dress recently, and love it (post to come on Friday, but if you follow me on Insta, you’ve seen it). It’s solid black, from Gap Factory, and currently on clearance for $25. In fact, I just talked my mom into buying it too. I think it has great remixing possibilities too. A different vibe from this Target maxi dress, but really lovely.