Anthropolofie Fei floral peasant blouse
Top, Anthropologie (via eBay); jeans, RACHEL Rachel Roy; cardigan, Target; shoes, Ellen Tracy; necklace, RW&Co. … and, oh, that derpy look

You will remember this blouse from before its sleeve surgery.

blue collar red lipstick; Anthropologie floral top; Rebecca Minkoff Cerulean MAC
Last winter

I think it’s recovered nicely, don’t you? We tried cap sleeves first, and I was going to stop there … until I saw the photos. No bueno. I’m generally not the biggest fan of cap sleeves – on me, because carrying a 40 lbs toddler around does nothing for upper arm toning, contrary to all logic – so I should have known. I mean, they were better than mutton sleeves, but it was only a marginal improvement. So we* went for the full sleeve-ectomy, and I’m quite pleased with the results.

The rest of the outfit is pretty boring. Not, like, blergh-boring. Just … expected-boring. But if it works, I’ll take boring.

Anthropolofie Fei floral peasant blouse
With cardigan + derp face


*By “we”, I mean my awesome grandmother who did all the work, and me. Who did nothing.

12 Comments on Changing It Up

  1. Taking the sleeves off was definitely the way to go! It looks better and makes the top a little more versatile, too. I approve! Haha πŸ™‚

  2. Sleeve removal was a great idea! I am now officially jealous that you have a grandma who will help you with this! I kind of know how to sew, but it’s always a risk when I try something.

    • My grandma is awesome! She’s 91, and still amazingly spry. She loves sowing/knitting/crocheting, and she’s always asking me if I have a “project” for her.

      Oh, and I recently attempted a (extremely, extremely basic) alteration on my own … and completely bungled it. I wanted to cry, and laugh, at the same time. It was horrific.

  3. I’d not seen it with sleeves but it looks great without them especially with your braided hair! I wish I could do clever plaits with my hair but I’m dreadful & lack patience!

    • Oh boy, I’m with you on the braids – I’m terrible at it. This was one of my better efforts, and it still looked wonky. But they’re nice to try for summer – it’s been a scorcher here.