hippie chic; Free People floral peasant tunic
Tunic, Free People (via consignment); leggings, maternity?; shoes, J. Crew Factory; bag, MbMJ (via Adrien)

My usual style leans more towards the preppy side than the boho, but this tunic intrigued me. And, because it was cheap, I decided to allow myself to be intrigued into buying it. I’m happy I did because I kinda seriously love it.

hippie chic; Free People floral peasant tunic

It’s very floofy and tent-like, but what points it loses in the figure-flattery category, it more than makes up in comfort. I have no idea whether it’s supposed to be a tunic or a dress, but I decided to err on the side of not showing my 34-year old butt. What I’m most pumped about, though, is pairing it with my moto boots this fall. NOT THAT I’M WISHING FOR FALL. Nope, not at all. As excited as I am by the remixing possibilities, I am more than happy to postpone them indefinitely. Hear that, Mother Nature?

Cartier trinity ring
Details – rings, Old Navy, Winners, Cartier; bracelet, Simons
hippie chic; Free People floral peasant tunic
obligatory over-the-shoulder shot

Don’t run off just yet, I have a quick review for you. I was in Old Navy last week, and this super cute striped dress caught my eye. I love the subtle fit ‘n flare silhouette (bonus sleeves!), so I had to try it on in a few colorways. Cue the changing room selfies.

Old Navy elbow sleeve dress
Awesome, so-so, pass

As you can tell, they all fit slightly differently. My favourite, the red/black colorway, fit the best and had the nicest hand-feel. The black fit the worst (more on that in a minute), and its fabric felt the cheapest to the touch. It made me look … lumpy. I’m not thatΒ lumpy. I have no idea how this is possible, given that we’re talking about the same dress, made out of the (supposedly) same material. Speaking of poor fit, what the hell is going on with the black:

old navy elbow sleeve dress
Insta-belly, if that’s a feature you enjoy in your dresses (but seriously, wtf?)

For reference, I’m wearing my usual Old Navy size (small, but obviously fits large). Unlike a lot of similarly cut dresses, the waist of this one didn’t sit super high on me. Also, it’s a nice length (just slightly above the knee on me, and I’m 5’7). Definitely give the red/black version a try if a striped dress is on your shopping list. It’s currently $32, but I’d wait for a sale.

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    Re: Black dress — Could be the dye of the black dress that screws up the fabric and makes it look lumpy.

    Mothers should not be showing their asses.. I saw one today wearing short shorts showing her BUTT CHEEKS. OMG. Even as a teenager I never wore shorts that short. Totally aghast..

    • Well, I think no one should be showing butt cheeks in public (outside of beaches, I guess), but I’m just a prude πŸ˜‰

      Huh, I never thought about the dye! Interesting …

  2. I’m seriously loving that hand accessory/bag/nail polish shot. You should convince your hubby to do more of those! πŸ™‚ What shade of red are your nails?

    • Haha! I do those myself, so thanks πŸ˜‰ Now that I think about it, that shot is probably from a different day when I wore the same outfit (to be fair, I’ve worn this, like, 4 times already, and all the days tend to blend in together).
      I think the nail polish was Chanel Pirate.

  3. I’ve noticed too that Old Navy is sort of weird with their colours/fabrics… that’s not the first dress I’ve seen that looks awesome in one colour and crap in another (I’m still bitter about the $10 maxi dresses in pink and green that didn’t look anywhere near as good as the black/white stripe).
    They’re also currently having an 30% off your order + Super Cash on the Canadian online store today if that dress hasn’t come home with you yet… πŸ™‚

    • Ooh, good to know! Thank you for the heads-up! I don’t think this dress is in my future, but only because I have a ton of striped dresses already. It’s darn cute, though.

  4. You look adorable in that tunic/dress! I like the boho style on you! Also, I worked for Old Navy for two years when I was in high school/college, and I used to work morning shifts where we would unpack boxes. One box would have twenty of one item in one size, twenty of a different item in one size, etc. It was always a mish-mash and they would come from different (generally southeast Asian) countries. So I think that might account for the variation – they are actually made in different factories in different counties.

    I totally think you could rock the tunic as a dress, but you have great legs! I’d just wear some little shorts underneath to be on the safe side. πŸ™‚

    • Funny thing: I checked the tags, and they were all made in the same country! But it could still be different factories … ah, who knows.

      I actually do have a boho side, which rarely sees the light of day when I’m working. It’s been dormant for so long, I almost forgot about it πŸ˜‰

      And thank you for the compliment! I like my legs fine, but I hate that feeling of “uh oh, impending Marilyn Monroe moment in 3, 2, 1 …” Also, leggings are my last line of defence against mosquitoes πŸ˜‰