Ahhh, my favourite part of my closet … or any closet, for that matter.

Bags, baby.

Honestly, I could talk about my bags, and how they came into my life, for days … but I’ll spare you. If you’re curious about how my collection has changed in the last 2-3 years, read this first. Then come back, and look at some pretty pictures.

closet tour; bag collection; closet inventory
1) Louis Vuitton Alma ($700); Louis Vuitton Dentelle Speedy ($400); 3) Mulberry Bayswater ($525); 4) Mulbery Fitzrovia (chocolate brown, $319)
closet tour; bag collection; closet inventory
1) MbMJ Totally Turnlock Aidan ($105); 2) MbMJ Totally Turnlock Teri ($167); 3) MbMJ Totally Turnlock Magazine Bag ($90); 4) MbMJ Totally Turnlock Magazine Bag ($125)
closet tour; bag collection; closet inventory
1) Marc Jacobs Stella (swap); 2) Marc Jacobs Courtney ($83); 3) Longchamps Le Pliage Shopping Tote (gift); 4) Longchamps Le Pliage Shopping Tote (gift)
closet tour; bag collection; closet inventory
1) Rebecca Minkoff MAC (gift); 2) Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC ($165); 3) Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth ($80); 4) Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch (gift)
closet tour; bag collection; closet inventory
1) Vintage Coach ($45); 2) Vintage Coach ($40); 3) Gap clutch ($12); 4) mbMJ Posh Turnlock Convertible Clutch ($35)

Not pictured: Chanel vintage double flap (seen here ); YSL Besace satchel (seen here, I’m debating whether to sell or not); Tory Burch Norah satchel (seen here, selling); Coach vintage Court bag (seen here, selling); Arcadia tote (seen here).

21 Comments on Closet Inventory, pt. 3: Bags, Baby!


    Your style obviously is Marc by Marc Jacobs 😉 and you don’t have a fear of the straps not being able to go over your shoulder like I do. Clutches and hand bags.. I tend to stay away from those because I like throwing it on my shoulder.

    That said.. I do want a sleek, black, handbag.. structured and not floppy. So far Emerson Fry as one for $1200 (GAH) but I am on the lookout for something cheaper.

    • My love of MJ bags is not much of an undercover affair, hah. I’m actually eyeing another one. Sigh.

      The one thing I always think about when buying an expensive bag (say, over $200), is the re-sale value. I’ve taken a couple of hits over the years, but I can usually re-coup anywhere from 50% to 100%+ of my cost. I wouldn’t buy a bag otherwise, because I know my MO – I tire of bags long before they wear out (or the cost-per-wear becomes pennies on the dollar). Of course, if you hang on to (and wear) bags for a decade, then your considerations will be different.

  2. I’ve recently fallen in love with Fossil bags. While not super high end, I really, really like their quality [especially they’re leather bags] and the wide range of colors. I like to have a bit of fun with print or color with my purses, so with Fossil I can do this without going too crazy or looking like I’m dressing too young for my age.

    • I’ve actually eyed a few Fossil bags over the years – I like the classic styles, and they always have lovely colours. Not sure why I’ve never pulled the trigger … probably because I haven’t come across their bags in the resale market.

    • Hey, it happens to all of us. My auto-correct hates me.

      (If you would like, I can make the changes in your original comment. I don’t normally edit comments, but I’d make an exception in this case ;))

  3. Sooooo, if you ever think about selling Dantelle Speedy, the KS Elizabeth, or MJ Courtney – talk to me.
    When I’m buying bags, I couldn’t care less about the brand name, but certain colour has to align with certain shape which has to align with certain quality … and these three have all the “qualities” that get my interest.
    Anyways, think about selling these three. I don’t know how to bargain and I usually pay full price for everything. You want a sucker like me 😀

  4. So you have like 2 of my dream bags – the chanel flap and the mulberry bag. I want both ughhhhhhh. I’ve been saving for the chanel for over a year now, and will have enough to buy a second hand one by the time I graduate…which is in 3 years. until then, I’ll just come stare at your collection from time to time 😉

    • Hey, any time! I honestly think I’ll get more use out of the Mulberry one. It’s mostly a size thing (that’s what she said, zing!), because I prefer larger bags. So YMMV …

  5. You have quite the fancy collection! I’m not a purse girl at all. I should probably get rid of most of mine, because I haven’t used them at all in the last year! I just have my every day seatbelt purse, and then 2 smaller crossbody bags that I use for travel/concerts, etc. And my others are all seriously neglected!

    • Yes, I’m definitely a bag lady 😉
      I would say that if you’re not using them, you should sell or donate them – they’ll make more room for other things you love.

  6. And I thought I was a bag girl! Though I tend to carry the same bag forever and just let the other ones gather dust…

    I LOVE Marc Jacobs bags and feel like they do not get nearly the amount of credit they should, so happy to see a healthy collection of those.

    That Alma is one of the ONLY LVs I actually like.

    And you know I love Rebecca Minkoff. I love that she is not afraid of colors, tassels, and zippers.

    I am also partial to Badgley Mischka and Chloe bags….

    • I wear the same 3-4 bags all the time, for months on end, and then cycle to others. But I’ve been in a MJ phase for a long time … I totally think they’re underrated bags, but I’m kinda happy about it because it means I can get them on eBay for great prices. Don’t mind if I do.
      I’m also a big fan of Mulberry at the moment. It has replaced YSL as my lust-after brand.
      I’m intrigued by Chloe, but … no, I mustn’t look!!

      • For sure RE the lower prices on MJ bags resale… Even at resale shops they are never priced incredibly high (compared to their original price) even though they are so well made!

  7. Yay, BAGS! I’ve already mentioned that I love seeing your MJ bags. The Courtney was once on my wishlist, too. The beautiful emerald one, but I’ve managed to keep a relatively small collection of bags. 🙂

    Out of curiosity, which Chloe are you eyeing? The Marcie?