grey cropped jeans; grey chucks; grey converse
Pants, Kenneth Cole Reaction; top, GAP Factory; vest, Old Navy; shoes, Converse; bag, vintage Coach (via Etsy)

So, this was one of those days when nothing seemed to work. The baby woke up too early. I came down with a cold while still recovering from a previous one. My son threw himself off the couch, nearly getting a concussion for his trouble. And it rained all day. Seriously, it looked like this all day:

Debbie Downer Wednesday
Debbie Downer Wednesday

This would have barely warranted a mention, except it happened to be the day of the boy’s year-end playground party at his daycare program. Thankfully, we didn’t get completely rained out, but the weather did put a damper – literally – on the fun.

It also messed with my outfit plans. I was stoked to show you guys a black, white, and grey outfit (so chic! so restrained!), but I had to concede defeat and throw on the stupid vest. And swap out my cute, black ballerina flats for Chucks. Gah! My thought had been to wear something practical – being around a gaggle of pre-schoolers and toddlers kind of mandates that – but still put-together – the latter for the sake of my kid’s social life, really. I mean, no one wants to be the kid with the sloppy, awkward mother, right? If his future (play-date calendar) success depends on it, I can fake it with the best of them.

If only the rain didn’t cramp my style.

*Note: keeping the mini-remix theme going, this makes it 3 in a row for this top. I promise I stop now.

2 Comments on Black, White, and Grey … and Khaki

    • I hate grey days; I’m always extra grumpy then.
      But I totally share your soft spot for vintage Coach – such beautiful, classic bags. I’m debating letting this one go because I don’t wear it as much anymore, but it’s not a easy one.