Adriano Goldschmied Stevie cropped cords; red cords
Pants, AG (via consignment); top, GAP Factory; cardigan, Target; shoes, Old Navy; bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I won’t lie: finding these AG Stevie cords at a consignment store was extremely gratifying. I luuuuurve these pants, but I just can’t bring myself to pay what Anthropologie wants me to pay for them. This is why second-hand shopping is da bomb – I can eat my cake, and not rue the calories. (Or, you know, buy the pants and not bust my budget. #analogyfail) Red pants might not seem like the wisest wardrobe investment, but they can make an outfit when mixed with a simple colour palette or, better yet, stripes. Red + stripes = always a classic.

And here’s another style epiphany: I think I might just feel more comfortable in streamlined, simple-verging-on-boring outfits like this one. Yes, your erstwhile magpie, lover-of-all-grandma-floral-prints, accessory addict just wrote that. Can you believe it? Perhaps in my dotage I can finally give those Frenchwomen a run for their minimalist chic money.

Better late than never.

Adriano Goldschmied Stevie cropped cords; red cords
Mmmm, stripes!

Note: I just realized that I posted back-to-back outfits featuring the same top. Not my intention, you guys. I’m pretty sure I didn’t wear this top on consecutive days, but anything’s possible. Let’s call this one a … mini remix challenge. Yeah, let’s go with that.

5 Comments on Stripes

  1. Just wondering some of your fav second hand/thrifting shops. I’m new(ish) to Edmonton and would love to check out some second hand places…and you always seem to find such great deals.

    • Welcome! My fave consignment stores are Red Pony and My Favourite Aunt’s. Vespucci is pretty good too; more pricey, but they have really good end-of-season sales.
      And, of course, there is always Goodwill and Value Village. My fave VV is the one on 34 Ave, but the one on 82 Ave is also pretty good.
      Hope you find some fab deals!

  2. I love this outfit! The combo of red pants and stripes is so classic. I love a red pencil skirt for the same reason – it dresses up black, white, and stripes and always looks good. Sadly, I am trying to find a new one since I outgrew my last one. 🙁 The key necklace is adorable as well – where’s it from?

    • Oops, sorry! I forgot to add that … it’s from Tiffany.
      Ooh, a nice red pencil skirt would be fab. If you find one, let me know where!