Katherine Barclay floral abstract print shirt dress
Dress, Katherine Barclay; belt & earrings, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Zara

Warning: this will be a photo-heavy post. I just love this dress so damn much. (Humour me, it’s mah birthday.)

Katherine Barclay floral abstract print shirt dress
All. The. Colours

Can we start by stating the obvious? Impulse buy. Total impulse buy. You might remember I refrained from buying a cute, yellow shirt dress from Gap last month, on account of the (admittedly problematic) shirt dress I already have in my closet. You know the one – the granny dress. Turns out, resisting one cute shirt dress is my limit. So, this one came home with me.

Katherine Barclay floral abstract print shirt dress
Impulse buy for the win
Katherine Barclay floral abstract print shirt dress
Yep, I’m pleased with myself

You guys know I’m addicted to colour, and this dress has colour … in spades. The tag called this a “floral print”, but to me it looks like sprinkles, especially up close. (Or maybe a colourful scaly lizard? Um, sprinkles it is.) Appropriately, I think, I wore it to my son’s 3rd birthday party.

Katherine Barclay floral abstract print shirt dress
See, sprinkles!

Like all my other technicolor dresses, this one is a cinch to accessorize. I can pretty much close my eyes, walk into my closet, pull out the first thing I grab, and bam. Outfit. Now that is my kind of dressing. (I wore it on its own for the inaugural outfit because, obviously, it needs to be seen in all its glory. Bam!)

Katherine Barclay floral abstract print shirt dress
Action shot!

22 Comments on The Sprinkles Dress

    • You’re right … it does look like a mosaic. Damn. Well, I can’t very well rename the post now, so sprinkles it is. Still awesome 😉

  1. No need to resist purchasing this dress because it’s amazing!! Love how happy you look in it, too. Also, happy birthday!!

    • Hahaha! You know, actually, I’m still waiting for my birthday (sweet) treat. We ate too much at my birthday dinner, so dessert got deferred. I’m sure we will rectify that soon 😉

  2. Happy Birthday! Great minds think alike, as I am wearing a shirt-dress today too. Although clearly I will need tips from you on where to get the best ones. I would say it’s more mosiac-like than floral, although sprinkles are good too.

    • Thanks! I got this one at Avenue Clothing, which has a lot of cute things right now, plus end-of-season sales. Definitely check it out (although I’m sure you will have tons of amazing finds on your trip – so jealous, by the way!)

      • Aw thanks! I’m super excited about going. We will have to make a coffee/lunch date when I get back and discuss our relative shopping experiences in August.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You look gorgeous in this dress, it’s stunning! I shy away from prints with more than 2-3 colors but this one is making me want to break out of my mold. It looks like a cross between mosaic tiles and pixels, it’s super cool. I also love whatever is happening with the skit, is it asymmetrical? It looks amazing!

    Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    • Pixels!!! Yes! Hmm, maybe it was supposed to be a pixelated floral …
      The skirt is not asymmetrical, though. It’s probably just the wind making it look that way.
      And thank you! I’m officially in my mid-thirties now. Or, you know, 30+ 😉

  4. Happy birthday (a few days late)! Can you tell I’m getting caught up on blog reading? This dress is fabulous! It’s like pixely in the best way!