Anthropologie Fei Dreamscape Floral top; J. Crew Chino shorts
Shorts, J. Crew; top, Anthropologie; shoes, Mel; bag, MbMJ (via consignment)

I’ve been wearing these shorts a lot, and it’s starting to show. That’s some, ahem, unfortunate bagginess developing. I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost weight (or, if I have, it’s a negligible amount), so I’m gonna guess these J. Crew shorts have a tendency to get baggy. Not cool. Not cool at all, especially considering how much I love them and want to keep wearing them. Sigh. When fupa levels start getting dangerously high, y’all are gonna tell me, right? I can count on you?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh Turnlock Convertible Clutch
Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh Turnlock Convertible Clutch … mouthful

Or I can just strategically place a giant clutch over the offending area. Totes normal.

Oh, look – more shorts:

J. Crew Factory seahorse print City shorts
Shorts, J. Crew Factory; top, Pld Navy; belt, Tommy Hilfiger; shoes, Tory Burch; bag, MbMJ

So, I know that I’m by no means a short person, but I have a height complex – which is to say, I wish I had an extra couple of inches of leg. Heck, I’d even settle for my current height, provided I had more leg and less torso to deal with. Alas. On the plus side, these shorts are definitely helping with the whole longer-leg illusion. Side note: this is what I always think of whenever that word comes up in conversation:


ALWAYS. And I always start cracking up, and I can’t tell people why, because unless they know the reference, I just sound odd and inappropriate. (I generally try to be just one of those things at any given time.)

These shorts are also pretty great because of the whole side zipper situation. Best thing ever.

J. Crew Factory seahorse print City shorts

11 Comments on The Summer of Shorts

  1. I’ve got “The Final Countdown” song in my head now! Best show ever.

    Both of the outfits are lovely. I’ve got the same Old Navy T shirt 🙂

  2. Cute shorts for the second outfit. 🙂 And boy, oh boy that MbyMJ clutch was on my wishlist back in the day that seeing it on you brings memories! (I mean, the campaign was fronted by M.I.A and I’ve got the Paper Planes song playing in my head!)