blue stripe top; moto boots; french chic
Top, Old Navy; skirt, Lands End; scarf, Winners; boots, Josef Seibel; bag, Marc Jacobs

I’ve said it before: I don’t Pinterest. I will, occasionally, buy a cute dress I’ve seen someone else wear, but that’s about as far as I’ll take the inspiration game. I find the whole outfit inspiration thing counter-productive, because rather than making me want to get more creative with my own clothes, it usually just makes me want to go out and buy new things. Buying things is not something with which I need help, ever. So. If I’m looking for outfit inspiration, I usually just poke around my closet for a bit.

Let me go on a tangent, briefly. I’m slightly obsessed with stationery. Notepads, sticky notes, journals, cards. Especially cards. I save all the cards I get for birthdays and the like, and I sometimes buy cards just because I like the pictures. My intention is always to frame them, but I always forget, and they end up languishing in forgotten boxes all over my house. No more. I recently took one of my faves to work, and pinned it to my sad-looking cork board. Baby steps. As a bonus, it inspired me to put together this outfit – even though I don’t have a cute bateau neckline striped top, a red beret, a cute poodle, or a plane ticket to Paris. More’s the pity.

blue stripe top; moto boots; french chic
nailed it … hahahaha

This exercise made me realize two things. One, I need more striped tops. Two, I need it to be summer again, stat. I have a feeling one will be easier to rectify than the other. If only money could buy off Mother Nature!

blue stripe top; moto boots; french chic
Moar stripes, please!

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  1. Cute outfit! And great inspiration! I don’t Pintrest but I find that with some magazines I just need to go shopping to make any of the outfits they suggest and I’m not inspired to look at my closet. I may just need to try harder as I don’t have any adorable cards with adorable dogs on them.