Geometric print maxi dress; Marc Jacobs Mag bag; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
Dress, thrifted; jacket, Tommy Hilfiger Factory; shoes, J. Crew (via consignment); bag, MbMJ (via eBay)

I’m not quite ready to call the summer over … except that maybe it is. My summer, at any rate, if not the season. Being back to work means saying sayonara to the majority of my casual wardrobe, particularly my dresses. I still get to wear jeans on Fridays, but psychedelic print maxi dresses … not so much.

A few months ago, a reader asked to see this dress on its own, and although that request is probably now moot and/or forgotten, here it is:

Geometric print maxi dress; Marc Jacobs Mag bag; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
Sans jacket

While lovely, I still think this dress is too body-conscious for my current stage in life, and I’m debating its future in my closet. To keep or to purge, that is the question. Let me know what you think.

Geometric print maxi dress; Marc Jacobs Mag bag; J. Crew hot pink Cece flats
the details
Models Own emerald Black
Nails, Models Own Emerald Black; Ring, Swarovski

20 Comments on The Last Hurrah

  1. Yay, you remembered! Thanks for sharing, it’s nice seeing this dress in all its glory. It looks great on you but as you said, it’s not really all that feasible in your work wardrobe. However, I still think you should keep it. And I love your hair btw!

    • LOL! You know, I was wondering why everyone was talking about work (no way is this work-appropriate!), and then I realized that my wording was vague. What I meant to say was that I feel I’m too old for a dress this revealing. 100% just my personal comfort level, though, so I hope no one reads any judgment into that. Anyway – yes, this would be a casual wardrobe dress, for sure … if I decide to keep it.

      And thanks 🙂

  2. It’s a little much for most work environments, but it’s great on you, super flattering to your color and figure. Maybe keep it around for vacations/special occasions?

  3. I personally think you look amazing in this dress and that you should keep it. If anything, just style it as a maxi skirt as you did in a previous post. Maybe that would make it feel less body-con or revealing? The colors are just so perfect on you, would be a shame if you got rid of it.

    • Thanks! I feel like it’s still kinda tight around my hips/stomach, but that is certainly a good option. I think I’ll hang on to it until next spring, then make a decision at that time. I do love that loud pattern 😉