J. Crew feather paisley skirt; J. Crew coral schoolboy blazer

More beige! More fun than ever.

J. Crew feather paisley skirt; J. Crew coral schoolboy blazer
beigey beige

In all fairness, a bright orange coral blazer needs a more sedate colour – like beige – to keep it within the bounds of professional attire. And, really, I love how this outfit looks together … even though it’s mostly made up of two of my least flattering colours. Fun, fun, fun.

J. Crew feather paisley skirt; J. Crew coral schoolboy blazer

(Also, confession: I wore a plain, Old Navy tee underneath my blazer. Not something I think is necessarily appropriate in a conservative office, but needs must. I’m looking for a plain white silk camisole – because I find myself wearing my J. Crew white oxford shell all the time, but don’t always want to deal with the jewelled collar – and I just haven’t found a good candidate yet. You probably should not be taking fashun advice from this blogger.)

7 Comments on Funner Beige

  1. Well you actually needed a plain white T because you have a necklace, a print and a fun blazer which all command attention.

    I like this look. I can’t wear orange for some reason (mental block) so it is nice to see it on someone else

    • I’ve avoided orange for years. It took some convincing from my husband for me to buy this blazer, but I’m glad I did. I’m a fan of J. Crew schoolboy blazers (and the Talula ones from Aritzia), so I am inclined to buy them whenever I find them in consignment stores. For $40 or less, they are a great deal if you work in a semi-conservative office (i.e. wear blazers with other separates, not necessarily suits).

  2. Love this outfit. Hands down, one of my most favourite of yours recently. There’s just something about the bright blazer and patterned skirt that looks amazing. I like the plain white T – I think I need to get both a plain black T and a plain white T to wear under blazers when needed. (I, surprisingly, don’t have either and the tank tops I have are far too casual.) For me, I find camisoles are too skinny and snug to wear out on their own and not under a sweater. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong type of camisoles. When you find your perfect camisole, wear this outfit again so I can see the difference!

    • Ideally, it would look the same. I just want a plain, white camisole in (non-shiny) silk or silk blend. The fabric would be “dressier” than plain cotton, and the camisole would approximate the look of a blouse, except without sleeves, collar, etc. Does that make sense? I saw something I liked at the Banana Republic Factory store, but of course it was 100% polyester, and I had to pass.
      Here is, generally, the type of thing I want: http://bananarepublic.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?cid=35356&vid=1&pid=182745013

      (Except I think I would want a scoop neckline, and not 100% poly)