adriano goldschmied stevie cords; louis vuitton dentelle speedy
Pants, Adriano Goldschmied (via Kijiji); shirt, J. Crew Factory (thrifted); sweater & necklace, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Stuart Weitzman; bag, Louis Vuitton

So, I dubbed these my “thinking pants” because they’re soft and comfortable for those extra long stretches of writing (and thinking) time I occasionally have to do at work. I can write a marathon in these pants, basically. Like pyjamas, except office-appropriate on a Friday.

blue flower fan J. Crew factory necklace
necklace, J. Crew Factory

This is the worst prettiest necklace ever. Shortly after I selfied this, another rhinestone fell out. The second one in, like, 4 wears. Not cool, J. Crew Factory. Not cool.

all the blues
all the blues

2 Comments on Thinking Pants

  1. So, I found you from … a certain forum I read … and I’ve been enjoying your outfit posts! Just wanted to comment today that a very small amount of Shoe Goo should reafix your rhinestone. It works better than superglue because rhinestones don’t always fit perfectly into their settings. Anyway, cute clothes 🙂