So, did you notice? For my first month back at work, I decided to tweak the 30 x 30 idea, and create my own version of a work wear mini-capsule. Well, perhaps not so “mini”; I ended up using 26 pieces, not including outerwear, shoes, or other accessories. Considering how excited I’ve been about finally getting to wear all of my work clothes again (of which, be assured, there are far more than 26 pieces), I think this demonstrated admirable restraint on my part. Minimalism, c’est moi.


The French would put it perfectly: plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So it is with your minimalism-averse blogger. Even when I try, I still want all the things. But, hey, I tried.

Here’s a look back at all 22 outfits, for no reason other than so you can appreciate my remixing efforts in all their collective glory. Pats on the back highly encouraged.

work capsule; office capsule wardrobe
one, two, three
work capsule; office capsule wardrobe
four, five, six
work capsule; office capsule wardrobe
seven, eight, nine
work capsule; office capsule wardrobe
ten, eleven, twelve
work capsule; capsule wardrobe
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
work capsule; capsule wardrobe
sixteen, seventeen, eighteen
work wardrobe, work capsule
nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two

(I actually wore my Yoana Baraschi jacket again, but it was a do-over of my very first outfit, so I didn’t include it here. Yep, I wore the Exact. Same. Outfit. Twice. I should hand in my blogger badge right now.)

And here is my favourite #ootd photo-taking moment of the month: getting photobombed by a complete (dapper!) stranger. Here’s how it went down, as capture in blurry (what other kind is there?) iPhone pics:

OOTD photobombing; edmonton street style
how it all went down: (1) I spot the photobomber; (2) wait, he’s really going to go for it; (3) well, alright then!

And now tell me: would you like to see a wrap-up post like this every month? Not all my outfits make it to Instagram, and not all of the ones that do make it on the blog. So there would be some novelty involved. Plus, mini capsules! Take it away in the comments.

20 Comments on What I Wore: Work Wardrobe Capsule

    • Thank you! It really was an unintentional sort of capsule. I enjoyed wearing everything, but I was itching for some “new” pieces by the end of the month. Getting to “shop” my closet for this month’s outfits was fun, for sure.

    • Budget?! What budget? 😉

      I love seeing what other people buy, and how they incorporate the pieces into their wardrobes, so I totally get where you’re coming from.

  1. I love everything about this capsule! Especially the way that you incorporate color into your wardrobe, and how everything is professional but not stuffy. I will definitely be trying to re-create these looks with my own pieces.

  2. I love the photobomber! I never comment on blogs, but yours is my favorite fashion blog. I adore your style, and your hair color. Love the mini capsule idea (please recap!!), as a fellow (accidental) capsule wardrobe wearer.

    • Aww, thank you! That’s very sweet of you, and I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoy the blog.
      I’m definitely leaning towards recapping … I like seeing all the outfits stacked up. And realizing how much of a creature of habit I am, hah!

  3. I noticed a couple items had been reworn, but I didn’t realize it was a capsule at all! That’s so awesome. Way to go 🙂 That sweater in 9 and 21 is my favourite piece, but that’s probably reflective of my print averse ways. Your style is bright and peppy enough you probably could have kept the capsule going for another month or two before I would have really caught on, if at all.

    • Thanks! That sweater has proven to be a good staple; I’m actually looking for a black version. One of those unexpected wardrobe workhorses.
      It’s funny you should make that comment about my style – I looked at this, and saw an awful lot of black, LOL!

  4. Yes please! I didn’t notice it was a capsule either, so you must be doing something right. I’m playing with some capsules in my wardrobe right now and thinking about doing a 30 by 30 with black and white pieces, so I appreciate hearing from the expert.

    • Haha! Not an expert by any means! If you’re interested in the capsule concept, check out blogs like Into Mind (has lots of how-to’s for building capsule/minimalist wardrobes that you could adapt for your purposes) and Kendi Everyday (she started the whole 30×30 trend, and you can check her archives to see her old capsules – I don’t think she’s done one recently).

  5. I love it! I’m thinking about doing something similar- taking five pieces and wearing them every week for a month, in different ways. I work at three different offices, so I doubt anyone will notice or care.

  6. Nope definitely didn’t cotton on so in my mind that’s first class remixing. Bravo!

    Yes to round up posts if you have time, I like seeing them all side by side.

    Did you tell the photo bomber your blog address so he could see his moment of glory?

    • Oh God, no! I’d rather he just think that I’m some kind of country bumpkin tourist taking random photos, than a fashun blogger (oh, the shame!). LOL!