Pleated skirt; pink plaid skirt; pink plaid pleated skirt
Skirt, consignment; sweater, J. Crew Factory; shoes, Prada; bag, Marc Jacobs (swap)

I love this skirt. A lot. As a bonus, it still fits, even though I bought it two years and a lot of pounds ago. Yay for A-lines.


It’s a pain in the butt to accessorize. Matching is basically impossible. This pinky mauvey colour is a chameleon; every time I think I’ve found a match for it, it morphs into something different. Finding a complementary colour has proven difficult too. I don’t know why, but it stumps me every time. I usually wear it with black, so this time I tried my “new black”: burgundy. ‘S alright. I think it would work better with a more purple-leaning burgundy.

J. Crew melody tassel necklace
necklace, J. Crew

This necklace was my only retail purchase over the Black Friday weekend, and I love it. The length is adjustable (by a lot), which makes it really versatile. And it fits right in with my current burgundy obsession.

Pleated skirt; pink plaid skirt; pink plaid pleated skirt
burgundy to the rescue?

6 Comments on The Impossible Skirt

  1. I love that sweater! I’ve been stalking J.Crew Factory’s website for a sweater (only on sale!), but now that I’m not spending any money in December on clothes I’m basically just torturing myself. Sounds about right for December 😐

  2. That’s so odd, it looks like one of those colours that would be so easy to match! My first thoughts were black and purple, so I’m not surprised you leaned that way as well. Have you thought about pairing with your cropped/printed sweatshirt with it using some dark accents? I don’t know how off the proportions may be, but it seems like something you would get a colour match out of?