November was a short month, work-wise, but it was stressful enough for two. Oof. I’m wiped, you guys. I’ve got nothing interesting to write; if I was a drinker, I’d say “pour me a double and let’s pretend this month never happened, mkay?” So, no deep thoughts from Adina on this month’s capsule – lucky you!

The details: 24 pieces for 17 outfits. I was away at a conference for 2 days in November, but I’ll (hopefully) cover that in a separate post. Here are the outfits:

work capsule; work wear capsule; office wear capsule
one, two, three
work capsule; work wear capsule; office wear capsule
four, five, six
work style capsule; office clothes capsule; work capsule; office capsule; capsule dressing
seven, eight, nine
office wardrobe capsule; work capsule; capsule dressing; capsule office wear
ten, eleven, twelve
work wardrobe capsule; work capsule; office capsule; office wear
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
work wardrobe capsule; work capsule; office wear; office outfits; office capsule
sixteen, seventeen

Wow, that was a lot of blue! To be honest, I felt indifferent to most of my outfits this month; you could say I hit a little style slump. I’m sure a lot of that had to do with the weather, which took a sharp turn towards winter. Maybe it was also capsule fatigue – totally a real thing, you guys. I’ve been re-working my December capsule to make sure it includes more “wow” pieces – things that really make my heart sing. Yeah, I just wrote that. About clothes. Sorry.

Anyway, my fave outfits for November were #13 and #15. Fave piece? That floral Ralph Lauren dress (#3 and #16). How about yours?

14 Comments on What I Wore: November Work Capsule

  1. I noticed the blue too – I guess you could say you’re in your “blue period”. 🙂 I took another look and there’s a lot of florals in with the blue as well. It’s nice to see florals done in the winter – they’re not only for summer!

    However, I think my favourite of the month is #8 and that is mostly all about the jacket.

  2. My faves were 5, 7, and 10…the shoes made it for me in all three cases. I don’t think it’s weird to say you want your heart to sing about clothes! Your passion for clothes shines through your writing and is why I like reading your blog, so don’t apologise for it! Hope you score some winners in December.

    • Thanks, I really appreciate that. It’s been a … difficult month, shall we say … already, and I don’t foresee much shopping in my immediate future. But we’ll see. Right now, it’s hard to feel excited about any of my clothes, but I think it’s a function of my overall mindframe. Blergh! Bring on the holidays!

  3. November had a surprising amount of denim! Not that it’s a bad thing 😉 Personally, I’d say outfit #16 was my favourite. It’s a gorgeous dress 🙂

    • That’s because of CFR Be Seen in Jeans week :/ I don’t love wearing denim to the office, because it cuts into my dress-wearing time, lol!