MaxMara Ragni coat; Lilka purple print dress
Dress, Lilka (thrifted); sweater, J. Crew Factory; scarf, consignment; boots, Target; coat, MaxMara; bag, Marc Jacobs (swap)

So, this is basically my new weekend uniform: dress + sweater + tights + coat + scarf. Anything (and everything) to avoid pants. I missed last weekend’s deep freeze – when the temps dipped to something utterly preposterous like -18F – but this formula has gotten through everything else. So far. I really shouldn’t tempt Mother Nature.

MaxMara Ragni coat; Lilka purple print dress
hiding a red, red nose

I have to say, this is perhaps not my favourite iteration of the uniform. It looked better in my head. I hate when that happens.

sparkly gel manicure
a manicure any Frozen-obsessed 6-year old would love

Speaking of questionable choices, how ridiculous is this manicure on a 34-year old? A French woman somewhere just threw up in her mouth a little bit, and the poor thing doesn’t even know why. It’s like the butterfly effect, except for tacky (awesome) manicures.

MaxMara Ragni coat; Lilka purple print dress
the weekend uniform

7 Comments on The New Uniform

  1. UM. A+ choice on that manicure. I don’t care about the tacky factor here, because it’s gorgeous. I’ve been biting my nails lately because of all the stress in my life, but this is making me want to grow them out again. Though I am SO WEIRD about manicures/pedicures, and will probably never have them professionally done again. It’s just so awkward and uncomfortable for me 😐

    • I’m a nail biter too. That’s why I get a gel overlay put on once a month; I “talk” with my hands a lot, and used to be really self-conscious about my ugly mitts. It’s just that I usually get a clear gel, not this sparkly nonsense (which, for the record, I adore but realize that it’s ridonk for someone my age). And I love pedis … mostly for the massage chair. I wish I could get them all the time and not, like, once every 4 months, le sigh.

  2. I figure by the time you’re too old for sparkle manicures you’re also old enough to not care what anybody else thinks about you rocking a sparkle manicure. I love it though 🙂

  3. The manicure is nice – although I should warn you that I was probably a magpie in a former life and am attracted to anything sparkly.

    Your weekend uniform is much nicer than mine – which currently constitutes grey sweatpants and a thick black turtleneck and a blanket. This is usually my after work uniform too. Oh, the glamour!

  4. Love the sparkly mani! Yeats ago for winter I sported a sparkly silver one with several layers of glitter. Who cares if it’s tacky?
    Great coat BTW