J. Crew snowcat boy shirt
Shirt, J. Crew (via consignment); vest, Old Navy; pants, American Eagle; boots, Josef Seibel; bag, MbMJ

I might as well rename this blog Fifty Shades of Casual at this point, and call it a day. I’m all out of cute post titles, but you get the gist: it’s all casual, all the time. Or at least until next week. In the meantime, enjoy (?) my umpteenth iteration of fancy lumberjack. It’s fancy because I wore a necklace … you probably can’t see. But it’s there, I promise:

J. Crew snowcat boy shirt
crouching snowcat (print), hidden gemstones

I like this shirt a lot but, damn, that is one busy print.

(If one of you guys makes an 101 Dalmatians joke, we will no longer be friends.)

J. Crew snowcat boy shirt
the early-2000s called, they want their memes back. also, their jokes.


7 Comments on Fancy Casual

  1. More blue collar, less red lipstick?

    In all seriousness, and totally on the side, I looked at Fran’s pictures today and immediately thought she was at your place!

  2. Hmm that’s why I’m so bored with my wardrobe as it’s all casual all the time. It was nice to dress up over Christmas. Think I better schedule in a KIT day and dig out a pencil skirt πŸ˜‰

    Anyway I like this and really digging those boots. Casual, dressy, do whatever as I still like reading πŸ™‚

    • Aww, thank you! Glad to hear that πŸ™‚
      I won’t lie: it was nice getting back to the office after mat leave just so I could start getting dressed up again. When are you going back to work?

  3. I am stealing Fancy Lumberjack for my workwear description. And I may steal this outfit as well, at least metaphorically. It would be dressy for my work, but looks fun and casual on you! How are you so casual lately? I was getting used to coveting the print dresses from afar but this is surprisingly relevant.